Family Worship Center in Carrollton asked longtime member Cody Brown to transition to the role of pastor on March 12.

Brown’s parents were involved in the Family Worship Center (FWC) congregation from the beginning — back when it started as a Bible study in 1986, two years before pastor Pat and Brooke Butcher officially established the church in 1988, before Cody was born — so he’s been involved with the church his entire life.

“I was born into it,” Brown said, noting FWC is where he primarily attended church until he served a two-year ministry training internship in Minnesota after high school. When he returned home he knew he wanted to pursue the ministry and started volunteering where he could in the church, repairing computers, running lights, singing during worship, overseeing adult ministry and more.

Five years after that internship, Brown felt the calling to be a pastor. “I didn’t know really what that looked like or where,” he said.

Brown said he thought about leaving his hometown and getting out of Carrollton, but after returning from the internship, he said he “started to appreciate it more and love the people that were here.”

Brown and his wife Jerusha had their whole lives in Carrollton and didn’t feel compelled to move so they kept serving and waiting.

By 2022, it started to seem like Brown may have the opportunity to become a pastor in Carrollton in the near future. Pastor Pat Butcher at FWC was talking about transitioning out, so Brown said he told the Butchers, “I have a heart for this place and this community and we’re not going anywhere and I would gladly take that position.”

Because he and Jerusha grew up in the church, Brown said the congregation has seen the mistakes he has made and how he has grown physically, spiritually and emotionally.

According to Brown, the transition to pastor has been smooth and he holds the vision pastor Pat had for the church in his heart. The core of the church is the same with a new leader presenting the message in a different way.

As for the future, Brown said they intend FWC to be a church that reaches more than just Carrollton and to be a healing, teaching and worship center. The goal is to find the small steps to get to that place.

Brown wants to grow the base of the church and have people find their gifts. One way he is trying to do that is through fellowship.

“I think things will flow from a healthy congregation,” Brown said, explaining he wants people to find their gift and utilize it.

The Butchers have supported them in the transition. “It’s really humbling for us to be in this position and to know they still have our back,” Brown said.

Brown is still involved in the community by partnering with Haven of Hope Pregnancy Services and the Agape Family Nurturing Center.

For more information on service times and future events visit the church Facebook page at Family Worship Center (Carroll Co.).