McWhorter receives GED

Jaden McWhorter completed her GED in March 2022.

“Nothing’s worth it until it’s hard”

In life, many things will be difficult. Some will be easy, but the ones that are difficult, are the ones that mean the most. When someone accomplishes something really difficult, it makes you feel really proud of yourself. For some GED students, getting this certificate can be very challenging.

Jaden McWhorter completed her GED in March of this year and she has some words of wisdom to share about the experience. “Getting my GED was difficult at first as I was in a bad place, and I didn’t think that passing was a possibility. After a lot of hard work, determination, and support from my teachers and every student at the GED center, I finally achieved what I thought was impossible," McWorter said.

"When it got hard, I just wanted to give up because it’s easier that way. I am so glad that I didn’t because not only did I earn my GED, but I was given so many amazing opportunities that I never thought I’d get," she added. "I was able to intern at two awesome places. Not only did I get to learn about many career opportunities, but also the internships allowed me to meet a bunch of wonderful people. Getting a GED might be difficult, but it’s worth it in the end.”

Jaden was enrolled with the Young Adult Opportunity Program. The program works with 18-24 year olds who qualify for the services. GED is one of the qualifications. While in the program, she received $150 for passing the GED. She got $50 for passing all the Ready Tests needed to take the GED, $50 for completing a Career and Financial Workshop, $50 for Soft Skills Workshop, $100 for a Good Start Program, $1,050 for working in the Trades Program at $15 an hour, $500 for internship bonuses, and is receiving $15 an hour to intern at the Adult Ed Center in Bedford.

She is currently working on passing her KY ParaEducator test which is needed in order to gain employment in a school system as an instructional assistant.

In addition, Jaden received $480 from the Dollar General Literacy Foundation Grant that pays students $12 an hour and up to $480 to attend classes at the JCTC Trimble County Adult Ed Center in Bedford if they receive their GED. Funds are still available for anyone needing a GED. So, contact Angela Stethen at 502-494-0983 to start getting paid while you get your GED.