The Carroll County track and field team competed at the North Central Kentucky Conference (NCKC) Championships in Verona, Kentucky on April 28. The girls team came in sixth with 22 points, ahead of Henry County, and the boys team came in fifth with 35 points.

Here are the results of the Carroll County participants:

Girls 4x100m Relay

5th: Carroll County, 58.63

Boys 4x100m Relay

5th: Carroll County, 49.67

Girls 4x200m Relay

4th: Carroll County, 2:10.41

Boys 4x200m Relay

5th: Carroll County, 1:43.54

Girls 4x400m Relay

5th: Carroll County, 5:21.00

Boys 4x400m Relay

6th: Carroll County, 4:37.50

Boys 4x800m Relay

5th: Carroll County, 11:06.53

Girls 100m Hurdles

4th: Hope Staley, 18.92

Girls 100m

8th: Shawna McAlister, 14.89

Boys 100m

3rd: Nicholas Fruth, 11.88

13th: Jacob Long, 13.46

14th: Christian Lilley, 13.68

Girls 200m

8th: Katie McAlister, 31.58

Boys 200m

3rd: Nicholas Fruth, 24.92

14th: Cole Brown, 27.18

18th: Jacob Long, 28.71

Boys 300m Hurdles

9th: Aiden Lilley, 1:03.56

Girls 800m

6th: Chloe Young, 2:55.86

Boys 800m

13th: Taylor Harsin, 2:50.70

15th: Teague Walls, 3:12.39

Boys 1600m

13th: Taylor Harsin, 6:06.54

15th: Keagon Hatton, 6:11.14

17th: Aiden Lilley, 6:44.12

Girls High Jump

6th: Hope Staley, 4-04.00

7th: Kyley Dermon, 4-04.00

Girls Triple Jump

3rd: Hope Staley, 28-05.00

Boys High Jump

3rd: Seth Franklin, 5-08.00

9th: Grayson Kinman, 5-02.00

Boys Long Jump

8th: Seth Franklin, 17-01.50

15th: Preston Cunningham, 16-00.25

18th: Grayson Kinman, 13-02.00

Boys Triple Jump

2nd: Seth Franklin, 36-02.50

8th: Christian Lilley, 27-07.25

Boys Discus

14th: Keagon Hatton, 53-05.

Boys TurboJav

4th: Grayson Kinman, 103-01.00