Work is underway at the William Wheeler Hall of Justice after an audit was completed with Administration of Courts (AOC). Carroll County Judge-Executive Harold “Shorty” Tomlinson said the mold has been abated and painting is underway. The carpet is being replaced in the Circuit Clerk’s office.

Tomlinson said it will cost a little more but recommended adding the entrance hallway to the painting list. Fiscal Court agreed to painting the entrance hallway.

The major concern Tomlinson had was with the settling of the concrete outside the building and creating trip hazards. He told Fiscal Court that yesterday someone tripped and fell and ended up at the hospital.

He said the curbing need to be repainted yellow, the parking lot need to be restriped and the bases to the parking lot lights needed to be repainted. Carroll County Jailer John Proctor said he guys could paint whatever they needed if the county would supply the paint.

County Road Aid

The county received $629,485.80 in county road aid for the upcoming fiscal year to be used on county roads. Fiscal Court approved a resolution accepting those funds. Tomlinson asked to the magistrates to provide the roads in their districts that need work. He said he hopes they get $200,000 in discretionary funds from the state and he is looking at spending $1,000,000 out of the road fund this year.

County Park

The tennis courts at the Robert Westrick Memorial Park are in rough shape, said Tomlinson. He has quotes for the three levels of fixes to the courts. The most expensive is $156,000 that would mill down the surface fix the cracks and put down three inches of new surface, fixing the net posts to USTA standards, painting the court in contrasting colors and installing new nets. He said the high school has used the courts for tournaments but was unable to use one of the courts at the county park because of its condition.

The second proposal is for $92,000. This will repair the cracks and apply 1.5 inches of new surface plus fixing the net posts. The final proposal is for $27,000 which would repair cracks, use a leveling material in the areas that hold water and paint the courts and replace the nets.

Tomlinson asked the magistrates to look at the proposal and the courts and give their recommendations at the next meeting.

Detention Center inspection

The Carroll County Regional Detention Center’s inspection report showed that overcrowding was one of the issues that shows up regularly on the inspection reports. Tomlinson said there is probably not a single jail or prison in the state that is not overcrowded.

Two other issues mentioned were faucets dripping and light lens cracked. Proctor said they have high and low water pressure with the lines.

Proctor said the county should be receiving $28,000 more in ARPA funds to apply to salaries during the COVID-19 pandemic. The jail had already received $42,000 in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds for the same purpose.

Vacation time policy change

There will be a first reading of the proposed vacation policy for county employees. The new policy has five days of vacation for employees with up to one year of employment. After one year of employment the rate goes to 10 days of vacation time. After five years of employment the rate goes to 15 days of vacation time and after 15 years of employment the rate goes to 20 days of vacation.

The current policy is five days for up to one year of employment. After one year of employment the vacation time is 10 days. After 15 years of employment the amount of vacation time goes to 15 days per year.

Veterans’ Affairs

The Veterans Administration has announced the hiring of Kelly Warren to replace Tom Hamer. Hamer accepted another role within the VA. Warren is set to begin May 16 and will be training for two to three weeks before being in the office full time.

Warren had previously worked with Carroll County Schools in the Head Start program.