Marathon Music Man

Tony Manfredi, of Marathon Key, Florida, tries to capture “the magic and spirit of life in the Keys” in his music. He has traveled from Florida to record his first album at the Madison Music Studio on Second Street.

“I’ve been meaning to record an album for quite some time,” relates Tony Manfredi, currently of Marathon Key in far southern Florida. “This friend of mine tells me about a guy he knows up in Indiana by the name of Brent Evans, used to be my friend’s brother-in-law. My friend says, Brent is the guy! He will do you right.

“So here I am, sitting in the warm southern Florida sun, thinking about traveling up to Indiana in the middle of winter to record an album about the glories and mysteries of living in the Keys. And I thought, well, my grandma was originally from Terre Haute so I have some roots there. What the heck, sounds like a plan!”

Charlie Rohlfing is a retired advertising man and partner in The Red Bicycle Hall music venue. Look for his distinctive fedora bobbing above the crowd, anywhere live local music is happening.