May 2023

The greatest and most sacred book of all time is the Bible. It was uniquely inspired by God and thus authoritative, providing guidelines on belief and behavior. 

The Bible is God's message to people everywhere in the world. It presents His plan for salvation and daily Christian living. A study of the Bible can  richly bless your spiritual life and growth for years to come. There is a wealth of eternal and unchanging truth of God's word in the scriptures.

All the great events relating to the whole of humanity is filled with the significance of God's relationship with all people. Belief in and reverence for God as the creator and ruler of this universe is essential. As creator, He brought the world into being, even before the beginning of time itself (Psalm 90:2).

God makes His presence and power known in a variety of ways. Though God is invisible, a person can see the effects of His unmediated presence (1 John 4:12). A protection of humans is to focus our mind on spiritual realities, "the things unseen." We can stand in awe at God's word and marvel at its infinity.

The Bible has two sections of books. The first section is the Old Testament. It tells of the creation of the world and mankind. According to Genesis 1:27, "From the beginning of creation of humans, God made them male and female."

Sin first began when man disobeyed God. Mankind continued to sin through the years and still does today. The history of people who lived before us, the good and the bad, is all written in the scriptures.

The second section of books is the New Testament. It informs us of the coming of Jesus Christ, His life and ministry and the growth of the early church.

We know that we are born sinners (Romans 3:23). We also know that God loves us because He prepared a way for us to have forgiveness for our sins. He gave his only son, Jesus Christ, to provide a sacrifice of His blood to cleanse the sins of humankind (Romans 6:23).

Jesus humbled himself and became obedient to death on the cross at Calvary. God resurrected Jesus from the grave and now He is in heaven sitting at the right hand of God (Matthew 16:19). 

Please read John 3:16 and set your heart and soul to seek the Lord Jesus Christ for forgiveness, and gain the living hope of eternal life.

Eunice Johnson

Corydon, Ind.