The one-way traffic control devices will be removed and workers for Beaty Construction will pull out of the US 421 Gateway Madison construction site by mid-December but be back in the spring of 2021 to finish up the project in mid-April.

That was the report Kyle Beaty, the project’s construction manager, gave to members of the Madison Board of Public Works Monday. Beaty noted that while the project was scheduled to be completed by this fall, delays early on related to utility issues set the work back and the company won’t be able to finish 100% of the work before winter.

Beaty said all roads will be open, sidewalks and utilities finished and traffic control devices in place and operational by the time his crews and subcontractors break for winter next month. The only work that should be left to finish is the milling of the roadway and final paving and placement of road markings, which are temperature sensitive and cannot be done in the winter.

He estimated that it would be mid-April before the weather is consistently warm enough to finish the work and the estimate is for about two weeks to wrap up the remaining jobs.

Beaty also said he expects to remove the traffic control devices that have limited Harrison Street traffic to alternating one-way traffic for about the past month and install and make operational the permanent traffic lights at the intersection of Harrison and East Second Street. At that point traffic flows will be identical to what they will be when the project is completely finished.

Some additional paving and lighting will remain after that as well as some sod placement and landscaping but the project will be essentially done except for the final 11/2 inch of asphalt and road markings.

In addition to returning to normal traffic flow on Harrison Street, East Second Street, Baltimore and the connected alleys will be reopened and a hot-mix asphalt will be used to pave the pedestrian connector sidewalk to the Milton-Madison Bridge walkway from Harrison Street.

Beaty said there will be some temporary road and lane closures as work continues over the next month but that most of that will be local closures directed by a flag person. The east side of Harrison Street — curbs, sidewalks and other pedestrian and business accesses — will make up the bulk of that work.

“We’re happy with how much time we were able to get back from out slow start,” Beaty said. “We want to get it all cleaned up and out before Christmas and then come back for a couple of weeks in April.”