Firefighters from Milton, Bedford and Madison responded to a massive garage fire on KY 36 in downtown Milton on Thursday that sent a huge plume of black smoke skyward that could be seen for miles.

The fire was reported at about 2:20 p.m. Thursday when homeowner Jeremy Dickey, of 210 Highway 36, Milton, was alerted by a knock at his door that his building was on fire. By the time the fire was called in and firefighters were dispatched the two car garage and workshop was fully engulfed.

“The homeowner was inside his house at the time. He stated he did not know anything was on fire until people started knocking on his door,” said Milton Volunteer Fire Department Chief Jason Long. “The fire was so hot due to there being such a fire load in the garage. There was a Silverado truck, two side by sides and several other items that caused the fire to be extremely hot and on top of that we had another day of high winds that made the fire spread quicker. I was there within a few minutes of being dispatched and it was already gone.”

Long, driving Milton’s advance vehicle, arrived at the scene just minutes before the first pumper truck but by the time he got there the fire was already well out of control. By the time Milton’s first truck arrived, flames were shooting high above the structure, thick black smoke was billowing well above the surrounding hillsides and small explosions could be heard from inside the inferno.

Firefighters from Milton, Bedford and Madison all responded to the scene and focused their efforts on knocking down the blaze and preventing spread to Dickey’s nearby home and other residences nearby. The property shares a line with the Milton City Park to the south and a parking lot to the west so firefighters had plenty of room to stage their equipment and attack the blaze from the south and west and for onlookers to stop and watch the blaze consume the building and melt the siding on nearby structures.

“Crews were able to extinguish the fire quickly preventing the fire to spread any further. The garage was a total loss as well as vehicles the owner had inside,” a fire department release said. “Two residential structures, as well as two other garages, received damage to their siding due to the fire. Crews were on the scene for several hours getting the fire out. Fire cause has not been determined at this time.”

Bedford EMS also responded to the scene but there were no injuries.

Dickey lives at the residence with his wife and daughter, who were both gone at the time of the fire.