The race for three Jefferson County Council at-large seats went overwhelmingly to Republicans as incumbents Pam Crozier and Heather Traylor Foy both were reelected and while Gary Copeland picked up the third seat up for election Tuesday.

Out of 32,849 votes cast overall for three Republicans and three Democrats (vote for 3), Foy received the most votes at 7,253 (22.08%) while Crozier was second with 7,053 (21.47%). Copeland road the GOP wave to finish 10 votes back of Crozier with 7,043 (21.44%) to complete the party sweep.

The three held off political newcomer Joe Cline 4,734 (14.41%) and Richard Hill 3,710 (11.29%) and Curt Vanderbur 3,056 (9.30%)

Crozier and Foy were reelected for their second terms on the Council while Copeland will start his first, taking the place of longtime council member Joe Craig, who opted not to run for another term.