A Hanover man this week was convicted on four charges related to a 2019 incident in which he attacked his girlfriend at the time.

Richard Dale Talbott, 57, was found guilty in Jefferson Circuit Court of Criminal Confinement and Aggravated Battery, both Level 3 felonies; and Domestic battery and Strangulation, both Level 6 felonies. Talbott was also found to be a habitual felony offender and is scheduled to be sentenced Nov. 8.

The incident occurred in Oct. 28, 2019. Police were called for a domestic violence report the following day. The victim said Talbott had assaulted her, strangling her to the point that she almost passed out. Talbott then would not let her leave. She had a sore throat and marks on her face and neck.

The woman, who was dating Talbott, said he became angry when she decided to leave due to his behavior. As she tried to run out of the house, she said Talbott grabbed her around the throat, pinning her to the ground. Talbott allegedly spoke abusively to the woman, threatening to kill her, and continuing to choke her. The woman told police she believed she would die.

Talbott eventually released his grip and let her get up and use the bathroom. However, he isolated her in the bathroom, issuing additional threats and shoving her against the tub.

Talbott refused to allow the woman to leave, but eventually wanted to her drive him to the liquor store. The woman told police she knew that was her chance to escape. She waited until Talbott went inside, then drove away.

When police went to Talbott’s home later, he denied all allegations, saying that he did not touch or physically harm the woman.

“This was a vicious, violent attack, and I’m relieved the jury convicted Mr. Talbott. He has a long history of violent behavior, and he terrified the woman in this attack,” said Jefferson County Prosecutor David R. Sutter.

Sutter gave credit to Chief Deputy Prosecutor Melissa Campbell and Deputy Prosecutor Lynda Robison for their work in prosecuting the case. He also thanked the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office for assistance throughout the trial.

Sutter said testimony of several expert witnesses was also key. Those witnesses included Caryn Burton with Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ICADV) and Dr. William Smock. Sutter thanked Indiana State Police Detective Nate Adams, Hanover Town Marshal Shane Caldwell and former Hanover Police Department Reserve Officer Gary Rowlett for their work as well.

Talbott’s criminal history includes several convictions for battery, dating back to 1986, domestic battery and being a felon in possession of ammunition.

“Mr. Talbott has clearly demonstrated that he is a dangerous and volatile man,” Sutter said. “I am grateful the victim in this case no longer has to be in fear of him, and I’m glad he will be in prison where he won’t be able to harm another woman.”