Motorists can easily access Hanover College from a number of streets within the Town of Hanover but determining where the city streets end and the college’s begin in terms of road maintenance has become a point of confusion for the town council.

As the Town of Hanover works to maintain its streets, questions have surfaced about streets near the Hanover campus concerning which areas are city maintained and which are part of the college — the difference in jurisdiction impacting what repairs and upgrades are made and for how they are paid.

Clerk-Teasurer Keith Mefford said discussions have gone well with Hanover College in terms of which street lights and streets are the town’s responsibility, but he’d like the town attorney involved in the discussions as they work it out ownership.

Council member Treva Shelton said she hears from residents in that area — which is part of her district — about whether street lights are working or streets are paved.

The other issue is determining which street are officially maintained by the Town of Hanover and eligible for state funding like the Community Crossings Grant the town uses to pave streets. Streets paved by Community Crossing must be in the town’s inventory.

Mefford said the issue is further complicated in areas where Hanover College has water and sewer infrastructure. If the town had those streets in its inventory, there might be confusion on what to do when patching a road that the college had to dig into for a water or sewage issue.

In other business, the council:

• Approved an ordinance establishing a fund for the town’s American Rescue Act monies, which will total $648,000 over the next two years. “Once we receive it, we will plan on how we will spend it,” said Mefford.

• Agreed to submit a request for a for $15,000 to $20,000 grant from the Community Foundation of Madison and Jefferson County to provide funds for updated picnic tables and playground equipment at Rainbow Park in Hanover. Mefford said park facilities are in poor condition and it would be good to give the park a boost.

“It’s been neglected,” Mefford said. “It’s a park on the other side of the highway.”

• Consideration of a iWorQ software program for the town’s Planning and Zoning office continues to be under consideration. “We have scheduled a time for a presentation,” said Mefford, adding he plans to research it more before a final decision.

• Decided to do temporary fence repair at the Wastewater Treatment Plant. The town is hopeful grant money can be used to replace the fence, but due to its condition, the council agreed to spend up to $5,000 to make temporary repairs while also installing a new gate.

• Agreed to have prepared payments for musicians, and the lights and sound person for the upcoming concert July 31. The amount, which totaled $1,500, allows them to be paid on the day of the event.

• Announced that Hanover Police Officers Kyle Pence and Max Gibson will receive tactical training in hand-to-hand combat. The $1,000 cost is in the police department budget, but the department wanted to keep the council informed about the expenditure.