The Welcome to Madison signage off the US 421 bridge in downtown Madison is shown after INDOT removed a trash can that was placed in front of it.

Madison Deputy Mayor and Chief of Staff Mindy McGee said city officials met last week with representatives from the Indiana Department of Transportation concerning several ongoing projects in the community.

Providing an update at Monday’s Board of Public Works meeting Monday, McGee noted that a trash can that had been located in front of the “Welcome to Madison” coming off the Milton-Madison Bridge on US 421 has been removed from that location after complaints by the city and several residents. McGee said INDOT officials were “surprised about the placement” when they saw it. “We met on Tuesday and it was removed by Thursday,” McGee said.

As far as the trash can itself, Mayor Bob Courtney noted it is a good trash can and they still have it. “We did not lose a trash can. We just moved it.”

McGee noted some lane changes on U.S. 421 are coming at East Main Street where traffic will go from two lanes down to one lane. INDOT is also is the process of determining the location of crosswalks in that area. She said all of that will be communicated once finalized.

Efforts to route trucks away from Hanging Rock Hill continue, said McGee, and one way that is being tackled is by removing that route from GPS mapping for truck routes so that they won’t be directed that way.

Courtney said many people think that heavy trucks are not allowed on Hanging Rock Hill, but they actually are allowed on the hill, but the city still wants to discourage them from using the route. For trucks that have travel that way, there is a point where they travel State Road 7 to Hanging Rock Hill that their only option is to proceed that direction. Courtney noted that signage is also being updated with weight limits reduced from 12 tons to 10 tons along with selecting better locations for signage to discourage trucks from taking the route.

McGee reported on an issue concerning blocked drainage at US 421 and Main Street that the city has contacted INDOT about. She said the city street department has tried to clear the clog but more needs to be done and a service request has been submitted to INDOT.

She said the city has also requested INDOT permission for the city to mow grass at the roundabout at US 421 and State Road 62, and on US 421 at the gateway into the city from the Milton-Madison Bridge. She said INDOT only mows twice a year, and “that’s not enough” especially with those both being entry points into the city.

Besides McGee and Courtney, Nicole Schell, director of planning, and Tony Sorrells, street supervisor, participated in the meeting.