After nearly 60 years in business, Madison auto dealership McCubbin Motors was sold Thursday and will now be Harding Auto Group.

McCubbin Motors began as McCubbin Ford in April of 1961 when Bill McCubbin opened his dealership at 319 East Main Street in downtown Madison with the slogan “the Courthouse is across from us.” The dealership relocated to Madison’s hilltop in 1977 to its current address at 301 East Clifty Drive.

Bill’s son, Kevin, joined the business in late 1974 and continued the business.

McCubbin said he expects a seamless transition with all 29 employees retained by the new dealership. McCubbin will stay on and assist for the next couple of weeks before fully stepping away. The partners in the new ownership are from Indianapolis and include owner Mike Harding, with Paul McKeever the general manager and Andrea Farrell the dealer.

Harding is Chief Executive Officer at Central Marketing Transport Services in Indianapolis and co-owner of the Harding Steinbrenner IndyCar racing team.

Kevin McCubbin said he is looking forward to retirement, but selling the business is “bittersweet. There have been a lot of relationships, a lot of phone calls along the way.

“My next birthday I will be 69,” McCubbin said. “It’s time to move on.

“We have been through a lot over the years,” McCubbin added. “We’ve seen wars, recessions, high interest rates, COVID; we’ve seen a lot, but that’s what makes this business interesting.”

The dealership transitioned its name from McCubbin Ford to McCubbin Motors in 1981 when it added Chrysler as a dealership. New vehicles currently sold include Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram. The dealership has also offered the Lincoln brand in the past but will no longer in the future because McCubbin said Ford is reducing the number dealerships that sell the Lincoln brand. However, he said the dealership will continue to service Lincoln vehicles.