Marissa Simback carries her purchases from the Aldi grocery on Madison’s hilltop Tuesday. The 13,140-square-foot store sought and received Madison Plan Commission approval Monday for a 5,060-square-foot expansion on its south side. The store, located at 202 Franks Drive, sits on about 3 acres.

Madison Plan Commission approved a proposal for the expansion of a hilltop grocery Monday night among several applications involving local businesses.

Aldi grocery, 202 Franks Drive, requested a setback for a proposed 5,060 square foot expansion. Aaron Hurt, of Civil and Environmental Consultants Inc., Indianapolis, said Aldi wants to expand the building on the south side while also renovating the building.

Plan Commission President Darrell Henderson noted the proposal for a 21.1-foot setback on the north lot line, an 85-foot setback on the east lot line, a 115-foot setback on the south lot line, and a 114-foot setback on the west lot line “was well within our normal regulation on lot lines” prior to the commission unanimously approving the application.

Hurt said efforts will be made “for the most part” to keep Aldi open during the expansion. “I think there will have to be some closures but generally speaking they are going to try to keep it open for the most part for as long as possible,” he said.

In other applications, the Commission:

• Reviewed an request by Justin McGillan of McGillan Holdings related to parking at the former Victoria Inn, 801 East Main Street, and accepted a motion to allow parallel parking on the west side of the building and angled parking on the east side with two handicap spaces.

There was some concern voiced by nearby residents about angled parking along Roosevelt Avenue, but they support improvements to the structure overall, which will 14 apartments on upper floors and a cart rental business in the basement.

“I’m afraid of the angled parked” because of how it impacts traffic that goes through there, said Beverly Armstrong, 717 East Main Street. “There’s more traffic on Roosevelt than you would imagine.

“I am so happy with the improvements to that building. I don’t want to hamper him from doing whatever he wants to do with that building,” she added.

• Approved an application for setbacks from Mike Kolenz of K4 Architecture of Cincinnati, representing First Financial Bank, which is planning interior and exterior renovation of its branch at 501 Clifty Drive.

• Approved an application from Bill Pettit of Pettit and Associates for the development of a seven-lot subdivision at 1010, 1016, 1022 and 1030 East First Street just north of Fillmore Street with changes to the water and sewer line as directed by the city, and to file for variance with the Board of Zoning Appeals in regards to sidewalks and curbs. The property, owned by Bernard Johnson and Anthony Hammock, will be subdivided into seven building lots for single family homes.

• Approved an application from Mark Prickett to amend the final plat to split a parcel into two separate parcels at 707 Walnut Street, allowing the creation of possibly another residence off Gerry Lane, the alley behind there.

• Approved an application from El Nopalito, 327 Clifty Drive, for setbacks that would allow for the construction of a patio at the restaurant.