Madison Police have arrested a Harrison County man in connection with a frightening incident that took place at the Madison Walmart on Sunday in which a stranger allegedly threatened to kill a mother and her daughter as they were waiting in line at the bakery.

Madison Police Chief John Wallace said Cody Ray Goldman, 26, Depauw, Indiana, was arrested later Sunday night on two counts of battery, both Level 5 felonies; and three counts of communication intimidation, all Level 6 felonies. He is being held without bond at the Jefferson County Jail.

The incident took place at about 3 p.m. on Sunday when Goldman walked up to Kinzee Black and her young daughter and allegedly threatened to kill both of them for unknown reasons. At one point the man grabbed the girl by the shoulder while holding a knife.

The Blacks, who do not know Goldman, were waiting in line at the bakery to pick up cupcakes ordered for a party when they were approached by Goldman.

“According to witnesses he approached the adult victim and for unknown reasons said ‘I’m going to kill you’ and then turned to the victim’s daughter and said ‘I’m going to kill you first,’ ” Wallace said, based on an investigation by MPD Patrolmen Cameron Blankenship and Zackery Nicholson. “He was holding a knife in his hand and then he grabbed the daughter by the shoulder.”

Wallace said Goldman then turned and walked away and that neither Black nor her daughter were physically injured in the incident but “both were traumatized from the encounter.”

Kinzee Black wrote about the incident a short time later on her Facebook Page in what she called a public service announcement to alert other local residents and asked them to be on the look out for the suspect. Her post said:

  • “Today at Walmart I experienced any mom’s worst nightmare! Ranzee and I went to the bakery to get Kindalls cupcakes we had ordered for her party, when all of a sudden while standing there waiting a guy about 6’4 starts charging at Ranzee and I screaming I’m gunna Fing kill you, I’m gunna Fing kill you, as he begins to get in my face he looks down at Ranzee, pulls out a knife and rubs his arm and says never mind your awfully pretty I think I’ll kill you first. I was frozen in my steps I couldn’t speak but the only thing I could do was grab Ranzee and hold her tight as Walmart worker start to circle us until they got this man out. If anyone sees this man please call the Madison police department! He has on dark gray sweat pants a black sweat shirt with black boots and strawberry blonde hair. Walmart did not get his name because apparently ran from them. I have never in my entire life been so scared and so helpless at the same time! Hopefully this message will help save others from this happening because let me tell you it’s the worst feeling I have felt sick ever since.”

Police were able to interview Black, store employees and other shoppers about the incident while investigating. Wallace also attributed that social media posting and repostings throughout the day in helping resolve the case.

“The Madison Police Department truly appreciates the assistance from citizens, on getting the word out via social media,” Wallace said in a new release. “The investigation into Sunday’s incident is ongoing.”

“He had apparently approached several other women at Walmart asking them if they wanted to go walking in the woods with him,” Wallace said. “That’s pretty creepy but that allowed us to focus on searching the nearby woods in case he had fled to there or been hanging out in the woods.”

As part of the investigation, police also reviewed store’s surveillance video and we’re able to precisely identify the appearance of the suspect and share that information with all local law enforcement.

The investigation produced quick results just hours after the incident when MPD Patrolman Jared Sweet observed a man meeting the suspect’s description at Main and West streets in downtown Madison. Sweet detained the man and found a knife in his possession. The man, identified as Cody Ray Goldman, was then positively identified from the incident earlier on Sunday and taken into custody without incident.

Goldman’s trip to the Jefferson County Jail was his second visit to the facility in the same weekend. Goldman had been arrested and incarcerated for public intoxication alcohol/drugs, a Class B misdemeanor, on Friday, April 25, with bond set at $250 cash.