Hannah Drive

Residents in the area of Miles Ridge Road and Hannah Drive on Madison’s hilltop came before Madison City Council on Tuesday to ask for speed bumps, rumble strips and speed enforcement on Hannah Drive and/or a walking and bike path developed to provide a safer route for pedestrians who use Hannah between Miles Ridge and Ivy Tech Drive.

Miles Ridge residents Ron Lanham and Robert Mustafa claim Hannah Drive is one of the most scenic and enjoyable places to walk on Madison’s hilltop but those who use it for that purpose face heavy traffic on a windy and hilly road with no sidewalks or streetlights.

They said vehicles traveling to and from the Miles Ridge Subdivision often go faster than is safe and walking along the roadway is dangerous when cars and trucks swing wide on one of the sharp curves or pop over a hill. That’s why Lanham and Mustafa asked Madison City Council on Tuesday to consider employing speed bumps or constructing a sidewalk along the west side of the roadway.