Asbury University, a private Christian university of about 6,027 in Wilmore, Kentucky, was experiencing a revival like nothing the small town has ever seen.

On Saturday, Feb. 18, my husband and I drove the 2 1/2 hours to Asbury to find out more about a revival that had already been going on for more than a week. We left early and arrived about 10 a.m. There was already a line about three blocks long around the building. Little did we know that the line in front was even longer.

There was one gas station/convenient store nearby and the wait for the bathroom alone was about 30 minutes before we even started to join the line. The walk to the end of the line was long, but manageable, we thought. I found a little table and sat in the cold while Ray held our spot in line. This was about 10:30 a.m. and the doors didn’t even open to the chapel until 1 p.m., so it was going to be a long day.

About 2 1/2 hours later, Ray reached the spot where I was sitting. When you stand in line that long for an event, you are bound to make some friends, which we did. It was another three hours, and another 40-minute trip to the restroom, before we came around the corner to the courtyard of the chapel.

We were absolutely amazed. There were thousands of people sitting and standing in the courtyard watching a simulcast on a big screen TV that allowed them to share in what was going on inside.

After about another hour, we finally decided to step out of line and just watch the revival via the simulcast, since it was pretty clear we weren’t going to get inside today. If you have ever felt the presence of God in your life, it was here. There were tears flowing like rivers as one student after another gave testimony from inside, all simulcast to the courtyard.

The Salvation Army and Chick-fil-A passed out hundreds of free sandwiches, chips and drinks to those wanting just a little taste of what God was doing in this place. The people were warm and inviting and the Spirit of the Lord was overwhelming. I know I shed my share of tears, as did my husband.

On the following Monday at 2 p.m., after more than two weeks, the campus President, Kevin Brown, set out new guidelines on the University’s social media platforms that the worship at Asbury would be stopped to the public and moved off campus. They would still open the campus for evening services for university students and high school students until Thursday Feb. 23, in an effort to allow things to get back to normal for students.

I have seen a lot of comments on social media about this event. Some praising the university and the revival, along with some unpleasant comments. I wish to tell you that being there changed my life. It was something amazing that I had never experienced before, but surely hope to experience again.

I would estimate that on our visit, there were probably 20,000 people or more in the small town. In fact, when we left it was almost dark, yet the line was still a couple of miles long.

God bless everyone who participated in this revival and welcomed the public with open arms. It is my hope that many were touched, saved and felt the presence of God as we did.