The Doug “Time to Turn on the Pool Heater” Schroeder’s and Mark “Always the Altar Boy” Herche crews led the charge on a cool, blustery evening. The two teams tied for the week’s best with 27-point performances in the Tuesday Men’s Golf League at St. Annes.

The cold winds were not so kind to Jeff “I’ve Been to Gasoline Alley More Than Billy” O’Connor and company who were punished by much more than their low handicap in eking out a miserly 12 points to suffer the night’s booby prize.

Despite the brutal weather, rare eagle skins were notched by Trent “I Always Do Great on Primary Day” Wisner and Zach “Love that Cart Path Rash” Schroeder on Nos. 10 and 16, respectively. Derek “Dad Never Could Outdrive Me” Keener also won a skin with a birdie on No. 14. Shawn “Election Day Holiday without an Election” Gerkin drew the blind.

Darrel “Why Level the Playing Field?” Kemmerer and Larry “No Wind Cheater” Foga collected closest-to-the-pin payoffs on Nos. 11 and 13, respectively.

Here are the standings after four weeks of play (points, which are based on Stableford best-ball scoring, are accumulated each week) with updated handicaps in parentheses. Teams are listed by captains’ names.

Dave Kopitzke (4) 91

Ed Whitaker (2) 90

Doug Schroeder (3) 88

Jack Kelley (4) 87

Robin Brown (0) 85

Chris Manning (6) 84

Mark Herche (3) 83

Eric Johnson (6) 83

Steve Schmidt (4) 81

George Rivera (6) 80

Bart Ellison (2) 77

Bryce Mayer (6) 77

Brent Bailey (1) 76

Jeff O’Connor (1) 75

Mike Stearns (3) 74

Bill Browning (4) 71

Matt York (6) 71

Brad Kage (5) 68

Dick Wilson (6) 68

Joe Campbell (2) 64

Dave Shaw (5) 64

Tony Starkey (2) 58

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