Skylar Channing Callahan, 24, to Carlie Fay Riley, 21, both of Paris Crossing.

Kaydee Loraine Sandefur, 21, to Cody James Teltow, 23, both of North Vernon.

Patricia Engle, 52, to Carl Niman, 53, both of North Vernon.

Teresa A. Click, 50 of Sellersburg, to Gary D. Sisson, 58 of North Vernon.


William J. Sylvester vs. Cynthia L. Sylvester, Deputy. The couple married Sept. 2, 2007 and separated Nov. 27, 2020. Two children.

Dustin Jeremiah Allen Lozier, North Vernon, vs. Lillian Anna Jean Jarvis, North Vernon. The couple married June 26, 2020 and separated Feb. 20, 2021. One child, deceased.

Dismissed Dissolutions

Marshall Lucas and Cheryl Lucas.

Small Claims

Jimmy Lee Lester, Swords Creek, VA, vs. Tonya Lester, North Vernon, for $5,625.

Barbara Wilson, North Vernon, vs. Paul H. Bruce, North Vernon, for $4,500 for a bad check used to purchase furniture.

Jon and Julie Webster, North Vernon, vs. E. Mark Deen, North Vernon for failure to reimburse for unusable gift cards as Mr. Deen closed his restaurant. The total cost is $225.

Civil Suits

The following filed petitions for name changes:

• Charles Arthur Pendleton

• Alexis Shell Cross to Alexis Shell Tharpe

• Maria I. Hernandez filed to change the name of her son from Fernando Fernandez Hernandez to Fernando Abarca Hernandez.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC vs. Jeff Eldridge, North Vernon, for $2,105.34.

TD Bank USA, N.A. vs. Misty Winget, Scipio, for $1,781.10.

JHPDE Finance I, LLC vs. Michael Bennett, North Vernon, for $5,182.03.

Patricia Dornbursch vs. Edward Johnson for child support.

Geraldine Marsh, North Vernon, vs. Wal-Mart Stores East, L.P. for medical expenses and lost wages after suffering a fall in the icy parking lot of the North Vernon Wal-Mart in January which caused permanent injuries.