Mark LaWayne Schmucker, 21, to Katherine Lanae Hershberger, 21, both of North Vernon.

Thalia Aurora Martinez, 24, of North Vernon to Cruz Jeziel Araujo, 25, of Indianapolis.

Willie Joseph Spears, 33, of North Vernon to Christy Lee Brooks, 37, of Brownstown.

Michael Perry, 45, to Jessica Moler, 30, both of North Vernon.


Deanna M. Mull, Commiskey vs. Ryan K. Mull, Commiskey. The couple married June 18, 2016 and separated Feb. 28, 2021. Two children.

Rebecca Smith, Commiskey vs. Tanner Smith, Commiskey. The couple married Oct. 16, 2016 and separated March 10, 2021. Two children.

Jason Bensheimer, Vernon vs. Melissa Bensheimer, Vernon. The couple married Dec. 13, 2013 and separated Dec. 10, 2019. No children.

Tammy Bryant, North Vernon vs. David Bryant, Columbus. The couple married Sept. 18, 2009 and separated Feb. 25, 2021. No children.

Small Claims

Billy and Emma S. Swindell of North Vernon vs. Mackenzie Crowell, North Vernon for the cost of $1,374.06 in back rent, late fees and a DVD player.


CSL Community Association, Inc., vs. Dallas Doan, Beverly Doan, unknown occupants, John Hicks and Becky Jones, Area Plan Commission of Jennings County, Indiana, Tasha Brown and Ronald Brown, Roswell Properties, LLC, Charlesetta Hall, Credigy Receivables Inc., and Treasurer of Jennings County, Indiana for $32,014.29 in past due assessments and costs and expenses.

Civil Suits

Page E. Hawksworth, North Vernon has filed an Order of Protection against Kedric Martin, Columbus.

Capital One Bank (USA), N.A. vs. Iris Parker for $3,016.48.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC vs. Michael Amick, Paris Crossing for $7,994.73.

The Morris Plan Company of Terre Haute, Inc. vs. Jeffrey Brandt Jr. and Christina Brandt of Osgood for $10,029.22.

American Express National Bank vs. Matthew Flynn, North Vernon for $6,558.70.

LVNV Funding LLC vs. Miranda Friend aka Miranda Hollin, North Vernon for $710.73.

Brandon T. Melton, Scottsburg vs. Jerry Neace, Crothersville. Melton’s mother contacted Neace, who owns an auto body/repair shop in Jennings County, around May 20, 2020 for an estimate for damage to a 2015 Hyundei Genesis. Neace picked up the car at Melton’s home. By July 18, Melton never received an estimate and when he requested to retrieve his car, Neace never responded to arrange a pickup.

August 24, Melton’s mother contacted Neace saying Melton was going to come get the car. She offered a “little bit of money” for time and fuel spent towing the car. Neace demanded $100 for towing, cleaning and getting “the wheel to stop thumping.”

On August 25, the mother contacted Neace again to ask for a price for towing the vehicle back to Scott County. Neace only said he couldn’t until the weekend.

August 27, Melton’s mother again contacted Neace regarding picking up the vehicle and offered to pay the $100, however Neace replied the charge would now be $240 and demanded it be paid and the vehicle removed from his property that night or else storage fees would start accruing. After that conversation, Neace filed a mechanic’s lien against Melton’s vehicle despite no verbal or written contract between the parties. As of the date of suit filing, Neace retains possession of the vehicle.

Melton requests that Neace be found responsible for the damages incurred by Melton, return the 2015 Hyundei Genesis immediately, pay Melton’s attorney fees and for all the appropriate relief under the circumstances.

Matthew Sowers vs. Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, Jefferson County Detention Center, Jefferson County Jail and Anonymous Healthcare Provider.

From August 23, 2020 to Sept. 16, 2020, Matthew Sowers was an inmate and/or detainee in the Jefferson County Detention Center and/or Jefferson County Jail. During this period of time, the latter provided negligent and substandard medical and nursing care to Sowers.

As a direct and proximate result of the carelessness and negligence of the detention center and jail, Sowers sustained personal injuries which have resulted in pain and suffering.

Sowers has been required to engage the services of health care providers for medical care and treatment and has incurred expenses as a result; further, Sowers may also incur expenses in the future for medical care and treatment that he will undergo as a result of his injuries and damages.

Sowers is suing the detention center and jail for an amount commensurate with his damages, for the costs of this action and for all other just and proper relief.