Remembering when time and temperature were a landmark

The time and temperature sign at Union Bank & Trust was a historic landmark that no longer exists.

The Union Bank time and temperature sign was located at the southern end of Railroad Park (now Stellar Plaza) and was a landmark in downtown North Vernon.

Many people saw this on their daily commutes. When you came into town on State Road 50 from Butlerville, you stopped at the stoplight and directly in front of you was the time and temperature. You could also see it coming the other way, but it was not directly in front of you.

When the downtown area was redeveloped the sign was removed, along with the U.S. flag and pole that had long been in the city center.

The bank used to hold an annual “zero contest.” Everyone submitted a postcard to the bank with the date and time predicted for when we would first reach zero. For a time, it was Yolanda Slagle (Capes) who put the cards in order and was responsible for pulling the winner. The winner received $100.

The sign was programmed to “freeze” (no pun intended) when it first hit zero. Some felt it helped unite the community and define the center of town.