Items gleaned from newspapers on file on microfilm at the Jennings County Public Library

Definition of News

Has any one died, had a fire, eloped, had a baby, divorced, had a party, embezzled, sold a farm, left town, been arrested, came to town, had twins or colic, sold a cow or lost an auto, stolen a dog or his friend’s wife, committed suicide or murder, fallen from an airplane, fallen into a well, fallen into a legacy? Well, then, that’s news. So phone 16 or mail it to The Sun office.


A fire Monday morning, starting from a defective flue, burned a considerable portion of the roof at the residence of Taylor Ellis on Lawrence avenue. The flames were extinguished by the fire department chiefly with chemicals. Insurance was carried on the residence.

All Paid

For the first time in the history of Jennings county, the county treasurer will not have to publish a delinquent tax list. The law requires the list to be published when the delinquent taxes reach $1,000 under that amount the sale is eliminated.

New Dog

Night Policeman Charles McClellan has for his companion on his nightly beats, a young Boston Bull Dog, which he is training in police duties. Officer McClellan hopes to be able to train the animal so that he will be of assistance to him in the protection of the safety of the sleeping population during the night hours.

Legion Team Wins

The local legion post here Monday night defeated the American College Girl’s team at the Chamber of Commerce hall by a score of 28 to 22. The largest crowd ever at a basket ball game in this city was reported.

Greensburg Wins

Wednesday night, Henry Miller’s All Star Six, one of the Chamber of Commerce volley ball teams, journey to Greensburg to try out their skill. The series of games was won by Greensburg, who were victorious in three out of the five games played. The Miller All Stars lost on account of lack of practice. At critical times the ball was punched out of bounds, costing a score each time. The team is composed of the following: Henry Miller, J.A. Carter, Joe Verbarg, Dr. J.W. Cooper, Everett Hughes, and Homer Matthews.

Library Notes

The district library meeting held at the Jennings County Public Library Jan. 20, was one of interest. There was an attendance of 50, composed largely of trustees and including many city and county officials, among them the Mayor of North Vernon, five members of the city council, the three county commissioners of Jennings County and the county agent.

Warren Huckleberry, florist of North Vernon, generously decorated the library with potted plants and Elmer Wagner fitted up a model kitchenette in the basement of the library just as it will be when in practical use later by the residents of the city and county in giving any kind of a gathering where they may wish to prepare and serve refreshments.

Mrs. Isaac Palmer Caldwell, librarian, prevailed at each session.


Monday morning, Chas. Reasoner, son of Chas. H. Reasoner, residing four miles north of this city, suffered painful injuries and indeed a narrow escape from death when at the intersection of Walnut and Jackson streets, his horse slipped and young Reasoner fell and was pinioned under the animal. The horse quickly regained his footing before his rider had time to get free of the stirrup on his left foot, and he hung head downward as the horse started down Jackson street. This incident impressed the fact that a first aid kit was needed and one was placed in the library. The kit is complete, and was furnished by the Red Cross division of this city.

Mrs. Albert McGinty, who is visiting at the home of her father-in-law, Patrick McGinty, on Route 7, suffered a painful injury Monday afternoon. Mrs. McGinty was washing and as she started to turn the wringer her elbow struck a window back of her and the broken glass inflicted bad cuts on her arm.

H.P. Lory of this city met with an accident Friday afternoon which might easily have resulted fatally. Mr. Lory was crossing the B&O railroad on Jennings St. when he slipped and fell on the rack. His face and head struck the rail and gravel and he suffered some bad cuts and bruises. When he started to cross the track he noticed a train approaching and although dazed by his fall, he had the presence of mind to drag himself from the track a minute before the train passed.

Run Away

Joseph Mangold, who resides in the Zoar neighborhood, was the victim of a runaway accident in this city Monday afternoon. He was riding in an open buggy and his horse became frightened as he was going south on Fifth Street. The animal ran down Fifth Street and turned west on Walnut, dashing onto the sidewalk and throwing the driver out. Mr. Mangold was not seriously injured.

New Superintendent

George Newkirk, of Hope, Ind., will arrive this week to take the position of superintendent of the Reliance Shirt Factory, which place is vacated by Miss Gertrude Bergman, who is going to Washington, ind.


Marcus D.L. Callon, 81, died at his home about one and one half mile west of Vernon Monday, Jan. 23. Burial took place at Vernon Cemetery.

Isaac Grubbs, 63, died at his home on Pierce St., this city, Wednesday evening, Jan. 19th. Burial took place at the City Cemetery.

John Nity, colored, 75 years, died at his home at Vernon Friday, Jan. 22nd. Burial took place at Vernon Cemetery.

Colored news

Mr. Ed Brown is building a very nice garage.

We are very sorry to know that Mr. Garfield Easton, the barber, has to move his shop on account of the building that he has had his shop in has been sold. We hope he will soon find another place in which to do his work.

Gloss Taylor and son are out in the west end working on Mr. Brown’s new garage.

Mr. Nidy of Vernon was buried Sunday from the “white” M.E. Church and Rev. J.S. Roberts, the pastor of the Second M.E. Church of North Vernon, preached the funeral. His text was found in the Gospel of Luke 12:40, “Be Ye Also Ready.”


Fritz Parcel was home over Sunday.

Bea Butler of North Vernon and Chris Dennerlien and son, Clyde, Joe Jones and family and Will and wife, of Scipio spent Sunday with H.H. Cooper and family.

Miss Irene Stearns has gone to Columbus where she has employment.

George Turner entertained a few friends Saturday Night.

Purely personal

Born to P Phillip Fox and wife Friday, a son.

Jacob Foga and Miss Sophia Arney were married Saturday.

W.S. Mathews went to Indianapolis this morning.

Mrs. J.D. Cone spent today in Indianapolis.

Isaac Campbell, operating a saw at Anthony Gaughan’s last Friday, almost severed his right hand at the wrist when the member was drawn into the saw. Local doctors think the hand can be saved.


Miss Ellen Lauder was a passenger on north bound train Monday.

Mrs. Lottie Lockman was shopping in Madison Wednesday.

Miss Bertha Bland was shopping in Madison Wednesday.

Mr. Alva Fewell of Lancaster was calling on Dupont merchants Saturday.


George Branham met with quite a severe accident while felling timber for Beaty’s saw mill. A limb overhead fell striking him on the head and shoulders.

Isaac Campfield, while adjusting the cut off saw when they were sawing wood, got one of his hands too close to the saw and it was almost severed from his arm.

Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Marsh called on Mr. Wm. Branham last Sunday.

San Jacinto

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Brooks Thursday, Jan. 20, a girl, Agnes May.

Miss Zoe Holmes called on Mrs. Vernon Brooks Sunday.

Mrs. Glen Craig returned home Saturday after two weeks’ visit with friends and relatives.John Peterman called on friends at Oakdale Sunday.

Mr. Beach, Mr. Fry, and Mr. Ford came home from Madison last week. They are sick over the price they got for their tobacco.

VernonJ.E. Leavitt is here from Cherry Park.

Mrs. E.L. Vanscoy is convalescing from a severe attack of the flu.

Clifford Hughes has returned from Madison.

Wm. Ale, who has been seriously ill, is much better.

Grand View

Nick Shulties and wife called on Ben Speer and family Sunday.

Louis Bartee visited friends one night last week.

Mr. S. Wilcox made a business trip to North Vernon one day last week.

White Oak

Ernest Baker and wife made a trip to Zenas Tuesday.

Herbert Sporleder and wife made a business trip to North Vernon Tuesday.

Mr. Fred Price has purchased the old John McCammon place.

Oscar Curry called on Ollie Campbell and family Sunday.


Mr. And Mrs. Henry Parker spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Walter Powell.

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Spaulding of Indianapolis are visiting with the former’s father, John Spaulding and family. Soon after arriving, Mrs. Spaulding became ill with the mumps.

Bear Creek

Earl Boicourt is very ill with the small pox at this writing.

Claude May and Joseph Spiker made a business trip to Alert Monday.

Ethel May spent Sunday with Gladys and Elsie Buck.

Jacob Pierce buzzed wood for J.R. Spiker Friday.


Albert Olson is recovering from his recent illness.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter VanCleave and Mrs. Carl Wilkerson and family called on Mr. and Mrs. A. Olson Wednesday.


Stanton Clapp was home Fromm Columbus for the week end with his parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pollard spent the week end with relatives in Indianapolis.

Mrs. Jane Day is recovering from a recent illness.

Miss Clara Amick was ill the past week.


Mrs. George Mitchner and Mrs. E.P. Summerfield spent Thursday at Ab King’s.

Vester Rich spent Sunday with Vernon friends.

Peter VanCleave spent several days at North Vernon with his daughter, Mrs. Otto White.

St. Ann

Mrs. G.A. Daeger spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Ed Ley.

Miss Loretta Eder was visiting her sisters at Indianapolis last week.

Mr. Buell and family were visitors at F.O. Streit and family Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. Peter J. Eder called on Joe Hill and family Saturday afternoon.

Rev. Father Bauer filled his regular appointment at St. Dennis Sunday.

Six Mile

The Misses Alice Semon and Alice Strickland were shopping in North Vernon Thursday.

Geo. St. John and Wm. Dowd visited Ralph Hall Sunday.

Ben Eveleth and wife were shopping in North Vernon Thursday.

Lon Semon was in Butlerville last week.


Mr. And Mrs. Wright Edwards were in town shopping Thursday.

Ruth Leahigh is staying at the home of W.S. Denton.

Mrs. Joe Shelton was shopping at North Vernon Monday.

John Roscoe who was hurt in an accident here some time ago, arrived home Tuesday from the hospital at Cincinnati.


John Woolf and wife moved to Seymour Wednesday.

John Reese and wife visited her sister near Holton Sunday.

John Abbott was a business caller at Holton one evening recently.

Ray Beach and sister, Miss Leota attended the basket ball game at North Vernon Monday night.

Rush Branch

Mrs. Lester Hall has been entertaining her father, Mr. Harrell of Dupont recently.

Misses Helen and Dorothy Berry spent Sunday with Howard and Thelma Meyers.

Edgar Galyen and family took dinner with O.G. Crank and wife.

Ash Lane

Mrs. Rosa Hoffman has recovered after an attack of lagrippe.

This is certainly too warm for January weather as the spring birds are all coming, and the roads thawed till they are almost impassable in some places, but we may have January about March, and kill all our fruit.

Howard Hoffman had the misfortune of cutting his foot quite badly Saturday while he was splitting wood.

Claude Tracy and Pearl McCarter were married at Vernon Wednesday of last week.