KISSES to Kylan Higgs and the Plain Dealer & Sun from Rob and Sue Ann Hooker of North Vernon. Thank you for being the new editor of the Plain Dealer! You are a breath of fresh spring air!!! The look of the paper & the articles are soooo much better.

We appreciate you writing so many positive articles about those in our community. And thank you for not glorifying the criminals by plastering their pics on the front page. We also are grateful that you no longer allow those erroneous ANONYMOUS leftist letters to the editor.

Most of all thank you for your Christian witness. Your commitment to excellence for Christ is evident. May God continue to bless you today & in the days to come. God honors those who honor Him. (I Samuel 2:30).

KISS to Mike Ostendorf of DNR from the Zebells of North Vernon for his professional help on Sunday, May 16.