Hoosiers Helping Haiti

Pictured, from left, is Richard Lee, Halle Hughes, Kinsley Lowman and Alli Jo Schneider.

Hoosiers Helping Haiti (HHH) is a nonprofit corporation that was started by seven Jennings County locals back in 2017, with goals to specifically help the Kobonal Mission in Haiti.

HHH members include Annie Walker, Mary Weber, Jan Megel, Jane Kirchner, Charlie Weber, Dan Megel and Richard Lee. Some of those members traveled to Haiti after hearing a pastor speak about the dire needs of the third world island country at the local Catholic parishes in 2014. Their visit prompted them to establish their nonprofit to aid the Kobonal Mission’s efforts to bless the poor in central Haiti with safe shelter, clean water, good education, agriculture and the power of Christ.

These goals perfectly align with the goals of young Halle Hughes, Kinsley Lowman, and Alli Jo Schneider, three young ladies who have been working hard for the last couple of years to raise money for needy families in other countries.

Miss Halle has been raising funds for “Food for the Poor” since 2016 at just 5-years-old. She started out her charitable endeavor by selling handmade potholders at the St. Joseph’s Church Hall during Christmas. Her first year, Halle raised $1200, her second year she raised $2600, each year with the intention of purchasing animals, food or even a home for needy families in Latin America.

Halle’s work prompted three of her schoolmates, Allison Ebbing, Kinsley Lowman and Alli Jo Schneider to join her cause in 2019.

This year, Halle, Kinsley and Alli Jo donated $500, money they have raised throughout 2021, to Hoosiers Helping Haiti.

Thus far, HHH has raised over $177,000 with the help of matching grants. 100% of donations goes to the Kobonal Mission, which encompasses 14 villages and a population of over 14,000.

If you wish to donate to this cause, there are currently money boxes at all three Jennings County parishes, with a permanent box at St. Mary’s Church in North Vernon.