How far will we allow our nation to drift?

It was a beautiful bright morning as I drove into work last Tuesday. The crisp air was ringing in the sights and the smell of a new fall season. Fall is my favorite season. It comes and goes by all too quickly. However, this day was not a typical day, as I was filling in for someone on vacation.

Settling into the office this particular morning, I began to peruse through emails that came throughout the night. As I’m processing through deletes and keeps, I came across an email that was a bit “newsy” overall. My reaction would have been to delete without a second thought but as my finger made its way to the delete key on the keyboard, my eyes locked in on a headline that read “Toy Aisles Go Genderless.”

It was in that moment where something inside screamed “Enough!”

That was a typical headline from another news agency, whose objective is not for the faint of heart, spewing out once again another sound bite of hell attempting to drift this nation further away from the truth.

Insert eye roll.

Although, that’s not even the source of the issue. It is part of the issue, but it is not the source.

This nation is being driven by an agenda of greed, lies, and hate. Some of the larger corporations (media agencies, government entities — including our school system — entertainment industries, and corporate America) are in lockstep with them, selling out the very people who have helped build their empires and pay their salaries.

But is that even truly the source of the issue?

For now, let’s address the non-gender lie. Before we go one step further, you must know it is just that: a lie. This lie is a made-up fabrication designed to intoxicate you into submission so that your divine portion on earth is never obtained. The more these entities can get you to buy into it, the louder their voice and intent becomes.

How do I know it is a lie? Because I know the One who made all the humans. The Creator of all things, including us humans, made us male or female.

He made you a male for a purpose.

He made you a female for a purpose.

He looked at you, blessed you, and said, “It is very good!”

The wiring in your body, cells, DNA, character, and sound all resonate with the gender that He gave you at conception in the womb.

You are a unique creation.

You are His creation, made in love and for love.

You were a beautiful thought in his mind before He created you.

Now you are a beautiful and living creation.

A human being who has the breath of life flowing in and out of their lungs, divinely designed to intimately know who created you and to live out this life in abundance through experiencing Him.

The confusion and the continual attempt to convince this generation that your birthright as a male or female is something to be ashamed of, or worse yet, non-existent, only has traction if we continue to allow it.

When you start to buy into the lies, to believe or support them, that are attempting to wage war on your birthright gender, you alter the very fabric of purity meant for you to experience. You begin to tell the Creator of all things that you can do a better job than He can. That then begins to create an off-balance lifestyle while opening the door to more lies and darkness that slowly creep in, ultimately invading every part of your life.

Why should that matter to you?

It matters because you have chosen to exchange purity, wholeness, beauty, love, and truth for perversion, lack, oppression, depression, and lies. You begin to mask over your authentic self for a copycat version the devil has tried to make. This darkness was never His dream for

your life.

Know this: There is hope!

There is a way to get back on track, to get this nation back on track.

It is never too late to denounce a lie that you have believed or supported.

My hope and desire is that every one of us begins to embrace and stand in our authentic identity. That we celebrate and shout from the rooftops our birthright gender and not hide it, deny it or change it.

Until we make the intentional effort, are we truly not at fault for allowing our nation to drift this far?

We will come to face this one question, how far is too far?

Lee-Lee Ernstes