Jennings County was well represented this weekend at Ben Davis High School in Indianapolis. One member of the Jennings County High School boy’s track and field team as well as members of the JCHS Unified Track and Field team were in attendance for the IHSAA State Championships.

Friday afternoon was the beginning of the state championships, starting with the boy’s tournament and the discus event, where you could find Senior Zane Ortlieb. While Zane wasn’t seeded in the top of the event, he still took this meet as seriously as he had with the previous meets during his high school career. Ortlieb, wearing a pair of mirrored lens aviator-style sunglasses, was as cool as the other side of the pillow as he began his warmup throws. He would keep his composure in the event as well. His first throw was a 126’ 8”, which was off his normal, however Ortlieb continued to improve. He then threw a 135’, which moved him from his seeded 26th to 24th place. His last throw would be the money throw, where he crushed a 143’ 8” throw, and moved him up to 19th, moving 7 spots up in the state tournament, a feat in and of itself.

On Saturday morning, the JC Unified Track and Field team made their way to Ben Davis to compete in the Unified State Tournament, one of twelve teams from across the state that qualified for the event. The event started with the two field events, shot put and long jump. Scoring for the Panthers in the shot put were Blake Galyen, 36’ 3.25”, Gavin Proctor, 31’ 7”, Nick Driver, 32’ 2.5”, and Toni Huey, 22’ 4”. Scoring in the long jump were Teagan Trotter, 15’ 3.75”, Raven Biddle, 12’ 3”, Decker Dawson, 8’ 10.25”, and Ayden Benson, 12’ 6.5”.

The JC Unified Team shifted to the track for the next events including the 100 meter dash, 400 meter dash, and the 4x100 boys and girls relays. Scoring for Jennings County in the 100 meter dash were Jonah Mathews, 13.74, James Craft, 13.65, Nick Driver, 15.32, and Gavin Proctor, 16.24. Scoring in the 400 meter dash were James Hatton, 1:02.73, Dawson Decker, 1:08.67, Robert Pedigo, 1:10.75, and Damon Dillon, 1:19.07. In the girls 4x100 relay, the team of Toni Huey, Maddy Owenby, Grace Shepherd, and Bree Galyen came across the line in a 1:07.11 and the boy’s relay team of James Craft, Jonah Matthews, James Hatton, and Teagan Trotter came in with a 52.49. The team scored a total of 78 points in the event, placing eighth overall in the state tournament.

The Plain Dealer and Sun congratulates both Zane Ortlieb and the JC Unified Track and Field team on their incredible careers and seasons.