I am saddened by the news that Twin Cities ( Rock Crest) Raceway has closed. Over the years I have visited the place and I think it has lots of potential. That said I have also talked with both Rob and Angie, two really nice people who really loved racing and loved their community and went far and beyond what what most promoters/ General Managers would or could of done. I know from my own experience in businesses, it’s really, really tough to take over a failing or failed business. Not saying Twin Cities was a failing or failed business, that information is not available to me. Just saying that the place seemed to need a lot of repairs and modernization just to bring it back to the standards the fans and drivers are accustomed to. So that was just that much more on top of every thing else Rob and Angie had to deal with and the public really should understand just how tough and difficult it was to even take on this project. I hope everyone appreciates their efforts. I applaud them.