The Historical Society’s July 26, 6 p.m. monthly program will feature artist, Madalyn “Maddy” Hovious. Maddy will share her expertise in the segment entitled “Ink & Letter” as part of a series of artistic presentations the Society has sponsored this year.

In April, award-winning artist, Karen Chilman, demonstrated the art of making pottery. Most recently Danielle Colbert shared her journey as a special effects makeup artist. All of the Society’s programs are free to the public.

“These programs are designed to raise awareness of the many types of art’, said Society president Chris Asher.

Ink & letter originally was created as a freelance, modern calligraphy business that started in 2015 with the name “Maddy’s Makes.” After years of business-building and creative waves, the spring of 2019 brought Maddy’s Makes to a new level. From there, this female-owned small business needed a facelift and a refreshing title, thus, Ink & Letter was born.

Ink & Letter offers a variety of services ranging from wedding venues and home decor, to digital designs and logos. The community surrounding Ink & Letter has supported this small business from the beginning of its conception and is now a thriving, creative hub for any and all things custom made.

Mediums used can include acrylic paints, wood, watercolor, digital ink, denim and more. All items are custom, handmade and uniquely designed. You can follow along with Ink & Letter’s adventures through Facebook: Ink & Letter or Instagram: @ink.and.letter.

Join Maddy and the rest of the Historical Society on July 26 for an evening of art and an ice-cream social.