The City Council held lengthy discussions regarding a COVID-19 policy recommended to them by the human resource company they’ve retained called New Focus HR in lieu of the rising reports of positive cases. Attorney Larry Greathouse recommended the Council follow the advice of the professionals they retained to guide them.

The policy was discussed on Monday, August 23 and last Wednesday, August 18 as well and the general consensus that came out of that meeting, according to Clerk-Treasurer Shawn Gerkin, was that the Council decided not to mandate the vaccine.

When discussions picked up again at the City Council meeting on Monday, the main point of contention came from the City employees who don’t believe in vaccines and masks, but would like to negotiate paid time off if they were to become sick and need to quarantine.

Mayor Mike Ochs has scheduled an in-house department head meeting later this week to discuss the policy, how it will be enforced and by whom.