With almost a week of 2022 under our belts, let’s keep the celebration going with the fan-favorite news quiz compiled from the pages of last year’s editions of the Plain Dealer & Sun.

It is time to look back at the people, events and places that made news from the previous 12 months in the Jennings County area.

Hopefully, this quiz is an entertaining and enjoyable way for our readers to test their knowledge and recall the local events and newsmakers of 2021. We have also included a few photographs to help jog your memory.

So, go ahead, test yourself with this unique mental exercise and see how many of the answers you know to these wide-ranging questions.

Answers will be published in next week’s issue of the Plain Dealer & Sun.

1. What is the name of the first baby born of Jennings County parents in 2021?

2. What government official retired in January 2021? Bonus question 1: How many consecutive years did that person serve in their position? Bonus question 2: Who was sworn in to take the person’s place?

3. In what year did Barbara King say that her family moved to North Vernon to run the two local newspapers in her retirement article?

4. Who was named Our Hospice Queen 2021?

5. Who is the most recent Jennings County Panther to commit to playing baseball at Indiana University?

6. In March, the Town of Vernon was awarded $1 million; what is that money being put toward?

7. Keith Messer replaced James Webster as the Chief of Police for the North Vernon Police Department; what was Chief Messer’s rank before this promotion?

8. What local nature establishment celebrated its 100th anniversary in April?

9. What are the names of the three local boys who were finalists in the 5th Annual Nature & Farm Photo contest?

10. A Zumba fundraiser was held in honor of what local cancer warrior?

11. Who is the retired police officer who was awarded the Purple Heart in May?

12. She retired after nine years as Director of the Jennings County Education Center. What is her name? Bonus question: Who replaced her?

13. The Jennings County High School basketball team hit a milestone against Madison on December 3rd, 2021 for the first time since 1996. What was it?

14. How long was the former Union Bank building at the intersection of State Roads 3 and 7 standing in North Vernon before it was razed in July?

15. Who is the designer of the new City of North Vernon logo?

16. Name the new director of the North Vernon Main Street program.

17. What historical figures are on the statue that Tim Sidwell petitioned the City of North Vernon to purchase?

18. Who are the brother and sister who were the first to complete the Solar Scavenger Hunt?

19. Name the 2021 JCHS Homecoming King and Queen.

20. This musical talent hailing from Austin, IN auditioned for American Idol and performed at last year’s Sweet Street and Christmas in the Solar City festivals.

21. What is the name of the young man who yo-yo’d his way to first place in the 2020 Jennings County High School Talent Show?

22. How much grant money was awarded to Jennings County and the South Central Indiana Talent Region on December 14?