NV Panthers

Members of the North Vernon Panthers are, from left, Brad Hunt, Bailey Sanders, Tommy Taylor, Darin Castetter, Clayton Webster, Eric Wernke, Conner Ertel, and Sam Hunt.

This past Saturday, the Vernon Gym played host to the First Annual Jennings County All-Township Classic. This revival of a once annual event brought four teams to the gym. Townships represented were North Vernon, Vernon, Hayden, and Zenas. Scores from each game are listed below.

Game 1: North Vernon 46 — Hayden 27

Game 2: Vernon 55 — Zenas 37

Game 3: Hayden 64 — Zenas 36

Championship: North Vernon 54 — Vernon 37

Members of the North Vernon Panther team are Bailey Sanders, Tommy Taylor, Eric Wernke, Conner Ertel, Clayton Webster, Tanner Smith, Darin Castetter, Brad Hunt, and Sam Hunt.