Pinehaven offers three programs for youths.

The first is the Pinehaven Christian School which helps meet the needs of young people even better. The school was started in 1984. What started in a basement with 12 students is now a dedicated facility capable of handling 100, preparing graduates for their future.

Their residential program is in its 45th year. They offer an opportunity for kids, typically 12-16, to come and live with a set of houseparents on a working ranch and attend school onsite which they are able to work at their own pace in. Kids come to them from all over and for a variety of reasons but all have to write a letter and conduct a phone interview stating that they want to be here. Pinehaven is not considered a therapeutic program and they are not a lock-down facility, so they are not able to accept every child.

The second is their Youth Camp Opportunity. On a very limited basis, they are offering the opportunity for two groups of up to 10 high school students each, entering grades 10 to 12, to come for a week of Christian service at Pinehaven, and also attend a week of church camp at Kootenai Christian Camp.

The third is their GAP Ministry. Through their new GAP Ministry program they want to help high school graduates through the age of 20 discover their talents and prepare them to step into the world in order to confidently live out their own lives.

Their goal is to have a fall session, September to November, and a spring session, February to April. They already have a fall session scheduled for this year and still have a few openings left. It is a time for graduates to experience several different things including woodworking, automotive, cooking, a backpacking or float trip, basic household repairs, welding, blacksmithing, and more, all steeped in discipleship.

If you have questions or would like more information, call 406-745-4545, email or check out their website