The Plain Dealer & Sun has an exciting announcement! We are thrilled to introduce our new website!

For the past three months we have been working on building a new and updated website that is fresh and easy to follow.

The best part?

We have a new feature called the e-edition. The e-edition is an electronic version of the actual paper where you can read the entire content of the newspaper, like our 100 and 25 Years Ago columns, in an online format. It’s a convenient way to experience the same look and feel of the newspaper through your electronic device. You get the same article formation and can see all of the ads, including classifieds!

And no more waiting for the site to be manually updated. Our automated process means the content is available first thing Thursday morning.

The subscriber paywall is currently down to give everyone a chance to register. We’re going to leave the paywall down for a couple of weeks, but for uninterrupted access we need folks to register.

All Plain Dealer & Sun subscribers receive complementary access to articles and the e-edition. To gain access to our content you need two things: a User Account and a Subscription. You can create a user account by clicking “Subscribe” in the upper lefthand corner of the home page. Be sure to use the same email account affiliated with your print subscription. If you already have a print subscription and still can’t access content, please call 812-346-3973 and press 1 when prompted. You may also click “Request Assistance” below and your account will be updated by the end of the next business day.

You may notice the Madison Courier in the URL or listed as an option when you go to subscribe. The Madison Courier is our sister newspaper and we share a website. Rest assured that the news posted to our page is local to Jennings County and community-driven. Just make sure when you are starting your subscription that you are selecting one for the Plain Dealer & Sun, not the Madison Courier. You will know the difference when you read the descriptions.

We hope you enjoy our updated website with its new features and the ability to get your local news anywhere with the press of a button or a click of your mouse.