Tuesday, May 2512:46 AM, Fall, Jackson St. refused transport.

7:59 AM, Pain, Lordston Lane, transported to SVJH.

10:43 AM, Illness, Henry St. transported to SVJH.

12:56 PM, Illness, Country Squire Blvd. transported to SVJH.

2:04 PM, Fall, Hwy. 7 N. transported to CRH.

3:14 PM, Back pain, Brownstown Rd. transported to SVJH.

Wednesday, May 2612:17 AM, Welfare check, Hidden Cove, refused transport.

1:04 AM, Seizures, Hayden Pike, transported to SVJH.

9:31 AM, Illness, Hwy. 50 W. transported to SMC.

4:43 PM, Unknown, Franklin St.

Thursday, May 27NO REPORT

Friday, May 283:59 AM, Fall, Hylander Dr. refused transport.

4;19 AM, Scene of Accident, 25 N. transported to SVJH.

7:08 AM, Unconscious person, Baker St. transported to SVJH.

9:45 AM, Illness, 500 W. transported to Schneck Medical Center.

9:50 AM, Illness, S Hwy. 7, transported to SVJH.

12:02 PM, Illness, Walnut St. transported to SVJH.

5:00 PM, Illness, Tudor Pl. transported to SVJH.

5:45 PM, Injury, 250 E. transported to Schneck Medical Center.

6:15 PM, Chest pain, Buckingham, transported to SVJH.

8:05 PM, Illness, Hayden Pike, refused transport.

11:25 PM, Illness, 100 S. refused transport.

Saturday, May 292:05 AM, Illness, Brooks Lane, refused transport.

10:30 AM, Fall, Hidden Cove, transported to SVJH.

10:37 AM, Abdominal pain, O&M Ave. transported to SVJH.

1:42 PM, Medical alarm, CR 300 N. disregard.

2:21 PM, Lift assist, David Dr. refused transport.

2:38 PM, Stroke, CR 850 S. transported to SVJH.

7:14 PM, Vehicle accident, Hwy. 7 N. refused transport.

7:17 PM, Illness, Hwy. 7 N. transported to SVJH.

8:17 PM, Illness, CR 100 S. transported to SVJH.

9:08 PM, Difficulty breathing, CR 265 W. transported to SVJH.

Sunday, May 302:52 AM, Illness, River Rd. refused transport.

11:52 AM, Fall, Zenus.

12:18 PM, Seizure, Henry St. transported to SVJH.

2:10 PM, Seizure, Hwy. 7 N. transported to SVJH.

2:50 PM, Unknown, FDR, transported to SVJH.

Monday, May 3112:03 AM, Moving Vehicle accident, 300 N. refused transport.

6:39 AM, Medical alarm, Squire Lade Dr. disregard.

8:57 AM, Stroke, E. 390 N. transported to SVJH.

11:51 AM, Illness, 25 E. transported to SVJH.

3:12 PM, DOA, Harms St. released to coroner.

6:52 PM, Injury, Noon Dr. refused transport.

7:09 PM, Gunshot injury, Buckingham Dr. transported to SVJH.

7:46 PM, Illness, Davis Dr. transported to SVJH.

8:12 PM, Illness, Linden St. transported to SVJH.

8:19 PM, Stroke, S. State St. transported to SVJH.

8:55 PM, Injury, 350 N. refused transport.

9:10 PM, Vehicle accident, 800 S. transported to SVJH.

City Police

Tuesday, May 251:36 AM, Domestic disturbance, first block of W. Poplar St. report was taken.

2:37 AM, Citizen assist.

8:43 AM, Property damage accident, 523 Hoosier St. driver backed into a parked car.

12:56 PM, Property damage accident, Hwy. 3 & Madison Ave.

4:58 PM, Report of assault, Pinebrook Ct. Report taken.

5:19 PM, Agency assist, 100 Moir Ave. Assisted with warrant service.

8:41 PM, Citizen assist.

9:22 PM, Business alarm, Hwy. 3 N. Everything checked okay.

9:36 PM, Suspicious persons in the block of W. Walnut. Persons located and everything checked okay.

11:45 PM, Welfare check, Hidden Cove, everything checked okay.

Ten (10) Traffic stops Between the hours of 12:01 AM and 11:59 PM

Wednesday, May 261:03 AM, Agency assist, medical call, 500 block of Hayden Pike.

6:26 AM, Disturbance, Hoosier St. parties separated.

8:58 AM, Injured deer in the area of S. Elm St. problem solved.

10:54 AM, Alarm in the area of Scenic Dr., false alarm.

3:44 PM, Suspicious person, 4th St. subject told to move along.

4:41 PM, Welfare check at local group home, problem was internal and addressed by workers.

5:55 PM, Disturbance, 300 block of Henry St. Everything checked okay.

Two (2) Traffic stops Between the hours of 12:01 AM and 11:59 PM

Thursday, May 271:10 AM, Theft, Ivy Park Apartments.

2:35 AM, Criminally trespassed from Walmart, Nicholas Crenshaw, 21.

7:38 AM, Suspicious vehicle, area of 20 W & the bypass, everything checked okay.

10:17 AM, Welfare check, Hayden Pike, OK.

10:56 AM, Juvenile issue, City Park, OK.

1:59 PM, Traffic stop for disregarding a stop sign, area of Henry St. Arrested Kristen Fillingim, 39, Hanover, driving while suspended with prior conviction and marijuana was located.

6:13 PM, Dispute, 100 block of W. Walnut St. Everything checked okay.

8:10 PM, Domestic disturbance, area of W. Main St. Report was taken.

8:15 PM, Extra patrols in the areas of Henry St., Norris Ave. and N. Gum St.

9:17 PM, Reckless driver, area of W. Walnut St. unable to locate vehicle.

9:59 PM, Business alarm, Jackson Co. Bank, everything checked okay.

Fifteen (15) Traffic stops Between the hours of 12:01 AM and 11:59 PM

Friday, May 2812:06 AM, Suspicious person in the area of Norris Ave. & White St. OK.

4:05 AM, Civil matter, no report taken.

5:36 AM, Reckless driver.

6:00 AM, Welfare check, checked ok.

6:05 AM, Burglar alarm, GT Industries, checked ok.

7:06 AM, Unconscious person, Baker St. EMS took over scene.

7:29 AM, Suspicious person at Middle School. Person trespassed.

7:59 AM, Property damage accident, Lowes parking lot.

10:30 AM, Harassement, report taken.

11:41 AM, Injury accident, 4th st. & hwy. 50.

3:38 PM, Protection order, report taken.

6:08 PM, Citizen assist, 60 block of Henry St. OK.

7:51 PM, Property damage accident, 900 block of Buckeye St.

9:12 PM, Suspicious vehicle, area of Dollar Tree, checked ok.

9:26 PM, Alarm, Auto Zone, checked ok.

11:10 PM, Assault, 300 block of Hayden Pike, report taken.

Seven (7) Traffic stops Between the hours of 12:01 AM and 11:59 PM

Saturday, May 299:09 AM, Drugs, 2600 block of N. Hwy. 7, drug item located & collected by officer.

11:08 AM, Agency assist, possible fire, 500 block of N. State St.

12:42 PM, Lost or stolen item, report taken.

12:44 PM, Property damage accident, 2400 block of N. Hwy. 3, report taken.

3:04 PM, Agency assist, 400 block of Hoosier St.

7:44 PM, Welfare check, 400 block of W. Walnut St. checked ok.

11:30 PM, Reckless driver, N. Hwy. 7, vehicle not located.

Thirteen (13) Traffic stops Between the hours of 12:01 AM and 11:59 PM

Sunday, May 301:28 AM, Suspicious vehicle, Hoosier St. vehicle not located.

10:02 AM, Business alarm, area of Curry Dr.

11:33 AM, Domestic disturbance, 200 block of N. Manor Rd.

1:51 PM, Report of threats in the 100 block of Curry Dr.

6:20 PM, Property damage, 2100 block of Hwy. 7.

7:29 PM, Suspicious person, are of Fifth St. person located and checked ok.

7:37 PM, Domestic disturbance, 500 block of Hayden Pike, checked ok.

7:55 PM, Recovered lost property and returned to owner, N. State St.

8:33 PM, Reckless driver, N. State St.

10:58 PM, Animal complaint, Buckeye St.

Four (4) Traffic stops Between the hours of 12:01 AM and 11:59 PM

Monday, May 3112:47 AM, Disturbance, S. Gum St. checked ok.

6:04 AM, Welfare check, 202 Hayden Pike, checked ok.

9:43 AM, Domestic dispute, area of 400 S. State St.

12:15 PM, Property damage report int he area of 326 6th St.

2:33 PM, Water main break in the 400 block of W. Hayden Pike.

3:04 PM, Suspicious activity, S. State St.

3:11 PM, Welfare check, area of 300 Harms St.

6:50 PM, Suspicious activity, area of Laurel St.

8:01 PM, Verbal dispute, 100 block of Lincoln St.

9:32 PM, Domestic dispute, 3000 block of Hwy. 50 E.

9:54 PM, Suspicious activity, 100 block of Hoosier St. did not locate anyone.

10:31 PM, Dispute, area of S. Elm & Park Ave. did not locate anyone.

Two (2) Traffic stops Between the hours of 12:01 AM and 11:59 PM

Tuesday, June 12:01 AM, Suspicious person, 800 block of S. State St. Arrested Autumn Wright, 22, of Madison for public intoxication.

9:46 AM, Theft report in the area of 5th St. Civil dispute not criminal.

11:18 AM, Theft of medication, 600 block of E. O&M Ave.

2:45 PM, Reckless driver westbound on Hwy. 50.

4:28 PM, Animal problems in the area of Totten Circle.

6:58 PM, Fraud, report taken.

7:55 PM, Possible subject with a warrant, Walmart, unable to locate.

8:44 PM, Protection order violation, area of City Park, checked ok.

9:04 PM, Juvenile problem, W. Main St. checked ok.

10:38 PM, Possible drug activity, area of Moir Ave. checked ok.

11:15 PM, Hit & Run accident.

Five (5) Traffic stops Between the hours of 12:01 AM and 11:59 PM

Sheriff’s Report

Tuesday, May 252:39 AM, Arrested, Hunter Spicer, 18, Commiskey, possession of marijuana.

2:40 AM, Booked, Chad Sands, 34, Indianapolis, warrant.

5:39 AM, Threatening, Westport.

7:34 AM, Traffic hazard.

7:57 AM, Suspicious activity.

8:01 AM, Case follow-up.

8:16 AM, Agency assist, Scipio.

9:33 AM, Neighbor dispute.

11:03 AM, Arrested, William A. Wood, 57, Columbus, warrant.

11:03 AM, Booked, Natasha Owens, 28, Freetown, court order.

11:17 AM, Case follow-up, Elizabethtown.

11:30 AM, Case follow-up.

12:53 PM, Traffic hazard.

2:44 PM, Welfare check, Elizabethtown.

3:36 PM, Burglar alarm.

3:46 PM, Case follow-up.

3:57 PM, Domestic disturbance.

5:19 PM, Wanted person.

5:50 PM, Arrested, Carolyn Mattingly, 40, North Vernon, warrant and resisting law enforcement.

5:50 PM, Arrested, James Bohannon, 35, North Vernon, warrant and unlawful possession of a syringe.

5:58 PM, Property damage accident, Deputy.

6:00 PM, Welfare check, Butlerville.

7:04 PM, Tree down, Butlerville.

7:20 PM, Dispute.

7:34 PM, Arrested, Jennifer Mounce, 37, North Vernon, warrant.

7:35 PM, Citizen assist.

8:05 PM, Domestic disturbance.

8:25 PM, Civil matter.

9:12 PM, Reckless driver.

9:19 PM, Case follow-up.

9:27 PM, Domestic disturbance.

9:47 PM, Civil matter.

10:25 PM, Case follow-up.

10:50 PM, Child custody.

11:25 PM, Noise complaint, Commiskey.

11:26 PM, Agency assist, Seymour.

11:28 PM, Domestic disturbance.

Four (4) Traffic stops Between the hours of 12:01 AM and 11:59 PM

Wednesday, May 261:32 AM, Suspicious activity.

1:49 AM, Juvenile problem.

8:04 AM, Traffic hazard, Commiskey.

9:07 AM, Citizen assist.

10:11 AM, Control burn.

10:17 AM, Property damage, Scipio.

10:27 AM, Civil matter.

10:43 AM. Arrested, Nicholas Payne, 19, North Vernon, robbery.

11:32 AM. Citizen assist.

12:54 PM, Welfare check.

3:16 PM, Domestic disturbance.

3:18 PM, Drugs reported.

3:43 PM, Welfare check.

3:44 PM, Child Custody.

4:29 PM, Wanted person.

5:24 PM, Domestic disturbance.

6:08 PM, Alkohol offense.

6:16 PM, Sex offender register.

6:47 PM, Runaway juvenile.

7:16 PM, Harassment.

7:32 PM, Arrested, Gregory Owens, 43, North Vernon, 2 warrants.

7:41 PM, Threatening.

8:30 PM, Child Custody.

9:14 PM, Recovered item.

9:21 PM, Traffic offense.

10:02 PM, Harassment.

11:42 PM, Burglary.

Two (2) Traffic stops Between the hours of 12:01 AM and 11:59 PM

Thursday, May 275:35 AM, Reckless driver, Scipio.

6:45 AM, Arrested, Erica Henry, 32, North Vernon, warrant.

6:49 AM, Harassment.

7:22 AM, Residential alarm.

7:38 AM, Suspicious activity.

8:23 AM, Theft.

8:27 AM, Case follow-up.

9:10 AM, Suspicious activity.

10:42 AM, Case follow-up.

10:42 AM, Reckless driver.

10:45 AM, Juvenile problem.

12:16 PM, Disabled vehicle.

1:25 PM, Reckless driver.

1:40 PM, Wanted person.

2:37 PM, Case follow-up.

2:42 PM, Theft.

3:14 PM, Neighbor dispute.

3:29 PM, Booked, Christopher Neville, 28 North Vernon, court order.

3:37 PM, Citizen assist.

3:44 PM, Child custody, Vernon.

5:38 PM, Case follow-up.

5:44 PM, Wanted person.

5:50 PM, Arrested, Kamrin Blair, 22, North Vernon, warrant.

6:11 PM, Reckless driver.

6:16 PM, Dispute.

7:11 PM, 911 hang-up.

8:15 PM, Dispute.

8:53 PM, Domestic disturbance.

9:05 PM, Arrested, Charles Holmes, 45, North Vernon, domestic batter.

Ten (10) Traffic stops Between the hours of 12:01 AM and 11:59 PM

Friday, May 281:28 AM, Property damage accident.

3:16 AM, Dispute.

6:42 AM, Welfare check.

8:03 AM, Property damage accident, Vernon.

8:19 AM, Disabled vehicle.

8:28 AM, Agency assist.

9:51 AM, Psychiatric issue.

10:18 AM, Criminal mischief.

2:25 PM, Case follow-up.

2:35 PM, Criminal mischief.

4:16 PM, Domestic disturbance.

5:09 PM, Arrested, Jordyn Mullins, 30, Indianapolis, warrant.

5:28 PM, Booked, William Ray, 41, Commiskey, court order.

6:19 PM, Civil matter.

7:38 PM, Randall Hatton, 50, Commiskey, warrant.

7:40 PM, Tree down.

7:43 PM, 911 hang-up, Scipio.

7:51 PM, Propert damage accident.

8:01 PM, Domestic disturbance.

9:41 PM, Case follow-up.

10:39 PM, Burglary in progress.

11:20 PM, Tree down.

11:26 PM, Property damage accident, Vernon.

Three (3) Traffic stops Between the hours of 12:01 AM and 11:59 PM

Saturday, May 291:00 AM, Disabled vehicle.

1:30 AM, Arrested, Dakota Hancock, 25, Lexington, driving while suspended with a prior conviction.

9:00 AM, Booked, Savannah Brickson, 25, Freetown, court order.

9:04 AM, Propert damage.

10:02 AM, Citizen assist.

11:23 AM, Civil matter, Elizabethtown.

11:56 AM, Civil matter, Commiskey.

2:11 PM, Property damage, Commiskey.

3:58 PM, Reckless driver, Scipio.

4:05 PM, Auto Theft.

4:23 PM, Civil matter, Butlerville.

5:39 PM, Neighbor dispute.

5:47 PM, Property damage accident, Commiskey.

6:32 PM, Juvenile problem.

6:40 PM, Vehicle fire.

7:14 PM, Personal injury accident.

7:36 PM, Arrested, Stephen, Mowery, 49, North Vernon, dealing and possession of meth.

7:36 PM, Arrested, Willow Dale Anderson, 41, Columbus, dealing and possession of meth.

7:36 PM, Arrested, Frederick Bailey, 50, North Vernon, dealing and possession of meth.

7:36 PM, Arrested, Michelle Helmling, 38, North Vernon, dealing and possession of meth.

7:40 PM, Arrested, Alesia Barnes, 37, North Vernon, possession of meth and neglect of a dependent child.

7:40 PM, Arrested, Kyle Allison, 33, North Vernon, possession of meth and neglect of a dependent child.

8:35 PM, Theft.

9:26 PM, Residential alarm, Scipio.

10:32 PM, Suspicious activity.

10:48 PM, Case follow-up.

Eight (8) Traffic stops Between the hours of 12:01 AM and 11:59 PM

Sunday, May 3012:12 AM, Case follow-up.

1:20 AM, Agency assist, Seymour.

2:00 AM, Booked, Brian Roth, Seymour, warrant, possession of meth and paraphernalia.

9:45 AM, Animal problem, Commiskey.

11:26 AM, Theft, Crothersville.

11:48 AM, Fall.

1:49 PM, Domestic disturbance.

2:24 PM, Citizen assist.

3:41 PM, Theft.

4:25 PM, Neighbor dispute.

5:47 PM, Agency assist.

7:14 PM, Threat reported.

7:28 PM, Threat reported.

9:48 PM, Juvenile problem.

10:00 PM, Animal problem.

Three (3) Traffic stops Between the hours of 12:01 AM and 11:59 PM

Monday, May 3112:00 AM, Person injury accident.

1:37 AM, Civil matter.

1:53 AM, Animal problem.

2:23 AM, Arrested, Jeramiah Jackson, 37 Columbus, operating while intoxicated and OWI with endangerment.

6:36 AM, Noise complaint.

6:39 AM, Medical alarm.

8:03 AM, Property damage accident.

9:00 AM, Booked, John Butler Jr. 45, Seymour, court order.

10:13 AM, Citizen assist.

2:41 PM, Citizen assist.

3:01 PM, Welfare check, Scipio.

6:22 PM, Case follow-up.

7:09 PM, Gunshot injury.

7:46 PM, Agency assist.

8:25 PM, Dispute.

9:05 PM, Arrested, Jeremy Ketcham, 46, North Vernon, domestic battery.

9:10 PM, Personal injury accident.

9:33 PM, Stolen vehicle.

9:56 PM, Domestic disturbance.

10:46 PM, Arrested, Mary Briddle, 67, North Vernon, battery and neglect of a dependent.

One (1) Traffic stops Between the hours of 12:01 AM and 11:59 PM

Tuesday, June 11:24 AM, Suspicious activity, Commiskey.

1:34 AM, Accident.

4:11 AM, Property damage accident.

4:52 AM, Suspicious activity, Commiskey.

5:19 AM, Burglary.

8:01 AM, Citizen assist.

10:39 AM, Case follow-up.

11:00 AM, Theft reported, Commiskey.

12:29 PM, Disorderly behavior.

1:03 PM, 911 hang-up, Hayden.

2:29 PM, Case follow-up.

4:17 PM, Traffic hazard.

4:30 PM, Reckless driver.

4:52 PM, Juvenile problem.

5:40 PM, Child abuse.

5:46 PM, Domestic disturbance.

5:57 PM, Dispute reported.

6:49 PM, Arrested, Dustin Buchanan, 35, North Vernon, warrants and resisting law enforcement.

7:05 PM, Assault reported, Elizabethtown.

8:51 PM, Property damage accident.

9:45 PM, Property damage accident.

11:37 PM, Domestic disturbance.