Fire Runs

Monday, August 910:57 PM, Grass fire, 2032 Derbyshire Ct E.

Thursday, August 12,

Fire (unknown cause), 1900 E. Buckeye St.

Friday, August 13

9:10 PM, Grass fire, Steepleworth/Tynwick.

Rescue 20

Monday, August 9

2:00 PM, Breathing problems, N. Hwy. 7, transported to SVJH.

5:34 PM, Medical alarm, Park Avenue, refused transport.

Tuesday, August 10

12:39 AM, Squad check, Hwy. 3 & 50, transported to SVJH.

7:37 AM, Unknown accident, Hwy. 7 & 50, refused transport.

5:06 PM, Suicidal person, Atkinson Circle.

5:16 PM, Unresponsive person, Walnut Street.

Wednesday, August 11

9:48 AM, Illness, Ivy Park, transported to SVJH.

2:27 PM, Illness, S. Hwy. 3, transported to SVJH.

4:07 PM, Illness, Henry Street, transported to SVJH.

4:34 PM, Seizure, O&M Avenue, refused transport.

9:50 PM, Drug related, Country Manor, refused transport.

Thursday, August 12

3:14 AM, Illness, Moir Avenue, refused transport.

3:16 AM, Difficulty breathing, Buckingham Drive, transported to SVJH.

8:04 AM, Illness, Henry Street, transported to SVJH.

11:50 AM, Stroke, Country Manor, transported to SVJH.

12:17 PM, Fall, Hidden Cove, no transport.

5:56 PM, Illness, Stockwell Street, no transport.

6:59 PM, Moving vehicle accident, 800 North, transported to SVJH.

7:23 PM, Illness, Nottingham Drive, refused transport.

Friday, August 13

10:07 AM, Illness, N. Hwy. 3, transported to SVJH.

12:34 PM, Fall, Henry Street, transported to SVJH.

3:52 PM, Illness, Henry Street, transported to SVJH.

5:19 PM, Injury, 600 South, transported to SVJH.

6:30 PM, Accident, 200 North, refused transport.

8:13 PM, Deceased person, Crestwood, transported by Coroner.

9:09 PM, Seizure, Meadow Lane, transported to SVJH.

Saturday, August 1410:34 AM, Difficulty breathing, Nottingham Drive, transported to SVJH.

10:34 AM, Illness, Coventry Gardens, transported to SVJH.

3:12 PM, Chest pain, Moir Avenue, transported to SVJH.

5:53 PM, Unconscious person, Henry Street, transported to SVJH.

10:41 PM, Injured person, Twin City Raceway, transported to Schneck Medical Center.

Sunday, August 15

1:27 AM, Unconscious person, 900 West, refused transport.

2:15 AM, Fall, Dorver Lane, transported to SVJH.

2:59 AM, Moving vehicle accident, Country Squire Blvd., refused transport.

4:18 AM, Illness, Coventry Gardens, transported to SVJH.

12:24 PM, Home accident, Green Wood Place, transported to SVJH.

3:03 PM, Unresponsive person, JFK Drive, transported to CRH.

8:47 PM, Unresponsive person, 600 West, transported by Stat Flight.

Monday, August 16

1:07 AM, Illness, Henry Street, transported to SVJH.

5:33 AM, Fall, Brooks Lane, transported to SVJH.

6:24 AM, Illness, Henry Street transported to SVJH.

1:08 PM, SOA, Veterans Parkway, transported to SVJH.

1:40 PM, Illness, JFK Drive, transported to SVJH.

5:36 PM, Squad check, Walnut Street, refused transport.

6:15 PM, Chest pain, Buckeye Street, transported to SVJH.

7:44 PM, Difficulty breathing, 200 West, refused transport.

Tuesday, August 17

6:40 AM, Diabetic, 600 South, refused transport.

7:59 AM, Canceled run.

8:25 AM, Back pain, CSL, transported to SVJH.

12:18 PM, Illness, Henry Street, transported to SVJH.

4:37 PM, Fall, Victoria Drive, refused transport.

5:11 PM, Illness, 375 East, transported to SVJH.

6:42 PM, Illness, Washington Street, refused transport.

11:46 PM, Illness, 730 W.

11:47 PM, Mental issue, Private Road 730 West, transported to SVJH.

City Police

Wednesday, August 11

8:02 AM, Theft, 400 block of 3rd St.

9:11 AM, Reckless driver, area of S. State Street, unable to locate.

9:30 AM, Suspicious person, 2000 block of Hwy. 3, arrest was made.

10:37 AM, Reckless driver, Hwy. 50, unable to locate.

11:01 AM, Dispute, Hayden Pike & Brownstown Road, checked okay.

11:35 AM, Agency assist, 100 block of 5th Street, arrest was made.

12:35 PM, Alarm, 500 block of State St.

1:24 PM, Suspicious activity, 500 block of Hayden Pike.

3:02 PM, Verbal dispute, 600 block of N. State Street, checked okay.

6:08 PM, Fraud reported, issue resolved.

7:32 PM, Traffic hazard, Platter Dr.

10:11 PM, Suspicious person, N. Manor Road, report taken.

10:24 PM, Suspicious person, Dallas Drive, checked okay.

11:10 PM, Harassment, report taken.

Two (2) Traffic stops.

Thursday, August 12

12:36 AM, Suspicious person reported at City Park, person not located.

1:27 AM, Dispute, N. State Street, checked okay.

9:23 AM, Welfare check, male, Farm Bureau parking lot.

10:11 AM, Suspicious person, Dollar General on Buckeye Street, person gone prior to police arriving.

1:16 PM, Theft of fuel, 800 block of S. State St.

2:54 PM, Suspicious vehicle, Hwy. 3 North, did not locate.

3:13 PM, Theft, Walmart, arrest was made.

4:02 PM, Welfare check, female standing in middle of Crestwood Drive, female gone prior to police arriving.

7:26 PM, Citizen assist, Moir Avenue, advice given.

8:35 PM, Welfare check, Davis Street, checked okay.

9:27 PM, Criminal mischief, S. Gum Street, report taken.

Eight (8) Traffic stops.

Friday, August 13

4:28 AM, Stolen vehicle, report taken.

9:25 AM, Welfare check, 2220 Totten Circle.

11:06 AM, Citizen assist via phone call.

2:03 PM, Alarm, 810 W. Walnut Street, checked okay.

3:09 PM, Parking complaint, 815 Hoosier St.

3:11 PM, Suspicious person near 230 Hoosier Street, checked okay.

4:31 PM, Noise complaint, checked okay.

6:12 PM, Case follow-up via phone call.

11:12 Suspicious person, Hayden Pike, unable to locate person.

Four (4) Traffic stops.

Saturday, August 14

12:54 AM, Agency assist, 2300 block of N. Hwy. 3.

1:09 AM, Citizen assist, 200 block of Hayden Pike.

3:27 AM, Citizen assist at the police dept.

7:32 AM, Suspicious person, near Hwy. 50 & Buckeye St.

10:04 AM, Property damage accident involving mail truck (Michael Biggs) & passenger car (Alan Sirvent).

11:49 AM, Suspicious person near 619 E. Buckeye St.

12:24 PM, Protection order violation, area of 34 S. Gum St.

1:57 PM, Property damage accident, 1960 N. Hwy. 3.

3:09 PM, Reckless driver at Hurley Dr. and State St.

4:14 PM, Domestic dispute, S. State St.

5:07 PM, Welfare check, 101 Davis St.

5:24 PM, Welfare check, 27 Ivy Park.

8:53 PM, Noise complaint, 2100 block of N. Hwy. 3.

9:06 PM, Reckless or impaired driver N. Hwy. 7, vehicle was not located.

10:55 PM, Suspicious vehicle, N. Hwy. 7, checked okay.

11:53 PM, Suspicious person, 1600 block of N. State Street, checked okay.

Nine (9) Traffic stop.

Sunday, August 15

1:52 AM, Suspicious activity, area of 4th Street, checked okay.

5:39 PM, Citizen assisted at police dept.

5:56 PM, Welfare check, 100 block of W. Walnut Street, checked okay.

6:28 PM, Agency assist, 300 block of Henry St.

7:03 PM, Property damage accident, area of Bay Street, no injuries, report taken.

7:30 PM, Animal complaint, 100 block of N. State St.

7;33 PM, Reckless or impaired driver, E. Main Street, vehicle located, checked okay.

9:20 PM, Reckless or impaired driver Hwy. 50, vehicle located, checked okay.

10:44 PM, 911 hang-up, S. Jackson Street, checked okay.

Two (2) Traffic stop.

Monday, August 16

3:50 AM, Citizen assist, 200 block of Vintage Trace

6:14 AM, Suspicious activity, 300 block of Henry St.

9:37 AM, Property damage accident, near Industrial Park Drive & Madison Avenue, no injuries and little to no damage.

9:44 AM, Case follow-up, 2000 block of Crestwood Ave.

10:13 AM, Welfare check, 200 block of Vernon St.

11:18 AM, Welfare check, 100 block of FDR Drive, checked okay.

12:19 PM, Welfare check, 3000 block of N. Main Street, Butlerville.

1:37 PM, Welfare check, FDR Drive, checked okay.

6:33 PM, Intoxicated person, 500 W. Hayden Pike, transported to his residence.

7:29 PM, Threats report taken at the SVJH.

9:08 PM, Intoxicated person, N. Elm & Franklin Streets, checked okay at his residence.

10:05 PM, Suspicious activity, 1905 West 350 North, checked okay.

Fourteen (14) Traffic stops.

Tuesday, August 17

7:49 AM, Suspicious person sleeping behind a business in the 2000 block of N. Hwy. 7.

9:30 AM, Child custody issue.

11:09 AM, Reckless driver, W. O&M Avenue, unable to locate vehicle.

2:29 PM, Trespassing, W. College St.

5:30 PM, Threats made by phone, City Park.

6:05 PM, Recovered item, Veterans Parkway, item removed.

6:08 PM, Theft, report taken.

6:42 PM, Disabled vehicle, Hwy. 7.

7:44 PM, Reckless driver, Hwy. 50, unable to locate vehicle.

8:00 PM, Threats, report taken.

8:02 PM, Suspicious person, Hwy. 3, checked okay.

9:50 PM, Disabled vehicle, intersection of Hwy. 50 & 7.

10:29 PM, Welfare check, Franklin Street, checked okay.

Three (3) Traffic stops.

Sherriff’s Report

Wednesday, August 11

12:38 AM, Arrested, Dylan strode, 27, Columbus, possession of meth, marijuana and paraphernalia.

5:13 AM, Property damage accident.

6:19 AM, Suspicious activity.

6:50 AM, Bought in, Dustin Hines, 34, Butlerville, disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

7:00 AM, Arrested, Samantha Douglas, 22, Seymour, possession of meth, marijuana and paraphernalia.

9:55 AM, Arrested, Richard Burton, 34, Seymour, possession of meth and paraphernalia.

10:16 AM, Child molesting.

11:12 AM, Criminal mischief.

11:30 AM, Arrested, Justin Allman, 29, Columbus, warrant.

11:34 AM, Citizen assist.

11:50 AM, Domestic disturbance.

12:52 PM, Booked, Paul Kirk, 43, North Vernon, court order.

12:58 PM, Citizen assist.

1:01 PM, Arrested, Levi Eaton, 25, Scipio, neglect of a dependent child.

1:05 PM, Animal problem.

2:18 PM, Property damage accident.

3:02 PM, Child custody issue.

3:42 PM, Harassment.

5:21 PM, Fraud, Commiskey.

5:44 PM, Arrested, Brooklyn Pedigo, 20, North Vernon, warrant and new charge of possession of a syringe.

6:58 PM, LS accident.

7:21 PM, Harassment.

7:46 PM, Traffic hazard.

8:29 PM, Disabled vehicle.

8:32 PM, Case follow-up.

8:43 PM, Case follow-up.

9:13 PM, Disorderly behavior.

11:50 PM, Case follow-up.

Six (6) Traffic stops.

Thursday, August 12

3:52 PM, Arrested, Dustin Staggs, 28, North Vernon, possession of meth and marijuana.

7:03 AM, Reckless Driver.

7:28 AM, LS accident.

7:31 AM, Intoxicated person.

7:40 AM, Suspicious person.

9:20 AM, Agency assist.

10:24 AM, Automobile theft.

11:33 AM, Automobile theft.

1:15 PM, Criminal mischief.

1:18 PM, Domestic disturbance.

3:10 PM, Disabled vehicle.

3:13 PM, Theft.

3:27 PM, Lines down.

3:52 PM, Animal problem.

3:52 PM, Arrested, Dustin Staggs, 28, North Vernon, possession of meth and marijuana.

3:53 PM, Arrested, Kaleb Root, 21, Seymour, possession of marijuana.

4:00 PM, Arrested, Christian Lents, 28. Indianapolis, criminal trespass, possession of a legend drug and marijuana.

4:20 PM, Arrested, David Gilpin, 25, North Vernon, domestic battery.

4:40 PM, Wanted person.

4:50 PM, Juvenile problem.

5:39 PM, Arrested, Cory Wienhorst, 38, Paris Crossing, warrant.

5:50 PM, Personal injury accident.

7:29 PM, Traffic hazard.

7:33 PM, Welfare check.

7:53 PM, Dispute, Butlerville.

8:28 PM, Tree down.

8:46 PM, Residential alarm.

8:47 PM, Line down.

9:45 PM, Tree down.

10:06 PM, Runaway juvenile.

10:57 PM, Harassment.

11:13 PM, Domestic disturbance, Butlerville.

Five (5) Traffic stops.

Friday, August 13

7:13 AM, Property damage, Vernon.

7:39 AM, Welfare check.

8:08 AM, Animal problem.

9:56 AM, Abandoned vehicle.

9:57 AM, Runaway juvenile.

10:19 AM, Citizen assist.

10:36 AM, Case follow-up.

10:41 AM, Disabled vehicle.

11:32 AM, Arrested, Richard Jackson 48, Greensburg, court order.

11:40 AM, Arrested, Hunter Villalobos, 19, North Vernon, warrant.

12:22 PM, Citizen assist.

1:02 PM, Disabled vehicle.

1:19 PM, Reckless driver.

1:40 PM, Stolen vehicle.

2:26 PM, Arrested, Tehona Hornback, 28, North Vernon, warrant.

3:36 PM, Dispute, Butlerville.

4:22 PM, Case follow-up.

5:32 PM, Shots fired.

6:11 PM, Disabled vehicle.

6:24 PM, Personal injury accident.

7:17 PM, Personal injury accident.

7:30 PM, Arrested, Jody Cartwright, 29, North Vernon, possession of a narcotic drug.

7:34 PM, Citizen assist.

8:12 PM, Unconscious person.

8:30 PM, Booked, Corey Watson, 29, Indianapolis, court order.

8:37 PM, Case follow-up.

10:02 PM, Child custody.

10:13 PM, Missing person.

11:48 PM, Business alarm, Dupont.

One (1) Traffic stop.

Saturday, August 1412:14 AM, Shots fired.

12:42 AM, Attempt-locate.

3:13 AM, LS accident, Elizabethtown.

4:23 AM, Welfare check.

6:18 AM, Arrested, Ashley Dunn, 32, Seymour, Five warrants, resisting law enforcement and false informing.

7:32 AM, Suspicious person.

9:15 AM, Threatening.

10:48 AM, Runaway juvenile.

11:54 AM, Welfare check.

12:31 PM, Case follow-up, Commiskey.

1:25 PM, Fraud.

2:03 PM, Noise complaint.

2:03 PM, Reckless driver.

2:40 PM, Dispute, Butlerville.

3:00 PM, Booked, Dawn Hunter, 53, Hope, court order.

3:09 PM, Reckless driver.

3:20 PM, Booked, Christopher Neville, 28, North Vernon, court order.

3:43 PM, Welfare check, Elizabethtown.

3:56 PM, Domestic disturbance.

4:19 PM, Case follow-up.

4:38 PM, Reckless driver, Commiskey.

5:14 PM, Suspicious activity, Vernon.

5:16 PM, Arrested, Jaymie Wright, 28, Vernon, warrant.

5:18 PM, Reckless driver.

5:51 PM, Agency assist.

6:52 PM, Welfare check.

7:43 PM, Booked, Billy Jo Parks, 38, Greenwood, court order.

9:03 PM, Suspicious activity.

9:06 PM, Reckless driver.

9:48 PM, Domestic disturbance.

9:54 PM, Traffic hazard.

10:07 PM, Harassment.

10:38 PM, Suspicious activity.

11:26 PM, Burglary.

11:41 PM, Welfare check.

Nine (9) Traffic stops.

Sunday, August 15

12:06 AM, Suspicious activity.

12:29 AM, Citizen assist.

1:27 AM, Unconscious person, Paris Crossing.

2:59 AM, Personal injury accident.

3:54 AM, Arrested, Guillermo Francisco, 32, North Vernon, operator never licensed.

7:46 AM, Welfare check.

7:47 AM, Domestic disturbance.

9:42 AM, Citizen assist.

12:24 PM, Bleeding.

12:56 PM, Threatening.

2:56 PM, Domestic disturbance.

3:14 PM, Property damage accident.

3:15 PM, Stolen vehicle.

4:20 PM, Juvenile problem.

5:11 PM, Arrested, Thomas Rothrock, 52, Columbus, warrant, providing false identity and auto theft.

5:50 PM, Disabled vehicle.

6:16 PM, Illegal dumping.

6:27 PM, Dispute, Elizabethtown.

6:40 PM, Animal problem.

6:58 PM, Child custody issue, Dupont.

7:03 PM, Property damage accident.

7:23 PM, Civil matter.

7:33 PM, Reckless driver.

7:48 PM, Agency assist.

7:57 PM, Case follow-up.

8:30 PM, Arrested, Roque Salinas, 41, Seymour, invasion of privacy and criminal trespass.

8:47 PM, Unconscious person.

9:00 PM, Burglary, Vernon.

9:20 PM, Reckless driver.

9:46 PM, Reckless driver.

10:27 PM, Welfare check.

11:07 PM, Wanted person, Elizabethtown.

11:14 PM, Welfare check.

11:38 PM, Property damage accident.

Two (2) Traffic stops.

Monday, August 16

1:07 AM, Suicidal person.

4:41 AM, Juvenile problem, Elizabethtown.

7:39 AM, Automobile theft.

8:18 AM, Wanted person, Vernon.

8:34 AM, Brought in, Connor Johnson, 21, North Vernon, probation violation warrant.

8:52 AM, Domestic disturbance, Elizabethtown.

9:12 AM, Property damage accident.

10:34 AM, Case follow-up.

11:25 AM, Citizen assist.

1:10 PM, Case follow-up.

1:46 PM, Juvenile problem.

2:58 PM, Recovered item, Paris Crossing.

4:04 PM, Reckless driver.

5:34 PM, Theft.

7:39 PM, Breathing difficulty, Commiskey.

10:05 PM, Noise complaint.

10:11 PM, Agency assist.

10:22 PM, Arrested, Dillon McRoberts, 21, North Vernon, warrant and operator never licensed.

11:17 PM, Sex Offender Registered.

Twelve (12) Traffic stops.

Tuesday, August 17

12:51 AM, Fight.

1:18 AM, Case follow-up.

1:57 AM, Threatening.

2:25 AM, Theft.

4:19 AM, Case follow-up.

7:13 AM, Property damage accident.

10:23 AM, Transfer, Elizabethtown.

10:38 AM, Suspicious activity.

11:09 AM, Reckless driver.

11:43 AM, Citizen assist.

12:12 PM, Welfare check.

2:04 PM, Animal problem.

2:22 PM, Animal problem.

2:59 PM, Burglar alarm, Dupont.

3:11 PM, Wanted person, Butlerville.

4:35 PM, Agency assist, Vernon.

5:02 PM, Automobile theft, Commiskey.

5:18 PM, Burglar alarm.

5:47 PM, Welfare check.

6:38 PM, Theft.

7:25 PM, Arrested, Jeremy Mahoney, 34, Seymour, warrant for failure to comply with home detention.

7:36 PM, Fight.

7:54 PM, Burn.

9:09 PM, Arrested, Christopher Neville, 28, North Vernon, court order to serve weekends.

9:44 PM, Harassment, Butlerville.

10:29 PM, Domestic disturbance.

10:45 PM, Theft.

10:51 PM, Reckless driver.

11:13 PM, Domestic disturbance, Elizabethtown.

11:31 PM, Arrested, Michael Anthony Cross, 25, North Vernon, driving while suspended w/prior.

Nine (9) Traffic stops.