hursday, Mar. 18

2:25 AM Structure fire, Main St. Deputy.

10:22 AM Structure fire, S Jennings St.

Saturday, Mar. 20

5:26 PM Vehicle fire, 180 E/Deb Dr.

Sunday, Mar. 21

4:47 AM Alarm fire, Henry St.

3:18 PM Field fire, 500 W. Scipio.

4:11 PM Field fire, 700 N. Butlerville.

5:21 PM Field fire, S SR 3.

8:54 PM Electrical fire, 310 W. Commiskey.

Monday, Mar. 22

12:08 AM Structure fire, Brown St. Vernon.

2:16 PM Lines down, Hylander Dr.

2:26 PM Unknown fire, Londondary.


Wednesday, Mar. 17

7:40 AM Fall, Henry St, refused transport.

9:00 AM Illness, MUTC, refused transport.

11:33 AM Illness, 50 N, transported to SVJH.

3:10 PM Illness, 500 S, transported to Schneck.

3:44 PM Home accident, Moir Ave. transported to Jennings

6:12 PM Unresponsive person, CSL, transported to SVJH.

7:32 PM Sporting accident, Walnut St. transported to CRH.

10:34 PM Chest pain, CSL, transported to SVJH.

Thursday, Mar. 18

12:14 AM Altered mental status, S State St. transported to SVJH.

9:03 AM Difficulty breathing, Henry St. transported to SVJH.

9:48 AM Illness, E 125 S, transported to SVJH.

3:59 PM Illness, 175 W, transported to SVJH.

Friday, Mar. 19

9:53 AM Illness, CSL, Jennings.

6:20 PM Stroke, Norris Ave. refused transport.

Saturday, Mar. 20

2:43 AM Fall, Elm St, transported to SVJH.

5:43 AM Illness, 5th St, transported to SVJH.

10:45 AM Diabetic shock, 100 S, transported to SVJH.

1:08 PM Psychiatric problem, Henry St. transported to SVJH.

5:26 PM Vehicle fire,

5:35 PM Psychiatric problem, N SR 3, transported to SVJH.

5:57 PM Fall, Autumn Trace, refused transport.

8:08 PM Squad check, 600 S. refused transport.

8:08 PM Illness, 5th St. transported to SVJH.

8:22 PM Illness, 950 N. transported to SVJH.

10:29 PM Drug related, SR 3, transported to SVJH.

11:22 PM Overdose, Raemont Way, transported to SVJH.

Sunday, Mar. 21

2:10 AM Police assist, State St. police custody.

8:48 AM Illness, Laughron Cover, transported to SVJH.

9:34 AM Illness, Henry St. transported to SVJH.

10:29 AM Diebetic, N SR 7, transported to SVJH.

7:42 PM Abdominal pain, Henry St. transported to SVJH.

9:14 PM Fire, 310 W. disregard.

9:36 PM Mental issue, Cardinal Dr. refused transport.

10:45 PM Illness, Tudor Pl. transported to SVJH.

11:50 PM Illness, Henry St. transported to Majestic Care.

Monday, Mar. 22

2:58 AM Fall, Veterans Dr. refused transport.

3:08 AM Fall, Country Manor, refused transport.

4:50 AM Dyspnea, Townsend Pl. transported to SVJH.

9:48 AM Suicidal person, Greenbriar Circle.

10:33 AM Suicidal person, Meadow Ln. transported to SVJH.

11:46 AM Suicidal person, N SR 7.

12:17 PM N SR 7, transport to SVJH.

12:33 PM Illness, Veterans Dr. transported to SVJH.

1:25 PM Bike accident, Lynn Ct. transported to SVJH.

7:47 PM Chest pain, JFK Dr. transported to SVJH.


Wednesday, Mar. 17

5:40 AM Harassment reported at police department.

10:15 AM Welfare check, Shadeland Ave.

11:19 AM Property damage accident, Industrial Dr.

12:07 AM Traffic stop, W. Walnut. arrest made.

12:57 PM Juvenile problem, Long St.

2:09 PM Active alarm, Commercial Dr.

3:40 PM Property damage accident, SR 3.

4:12 PM Juvenile problem, N Elm St.

4:13 PM Reckless driver, W Walnut St.

4:49 PM Vehicle accident, SR 3.

5:17 PM Line down, W Walnut St.

5:21 PM Traffic stop, Madison Ave.

5:35 PM Traffic stop, Madison Ave.

7:11 PM Verbal dispute, 500 block of Hayden Pike.

7:38 PM Suspicious activity, area of N Elm St and Bay St.

8:55 PM Welfare check, 200 block of Long St, OK.

9:17 PM Business alarm, 1900 block of N SR 3, OK.

Thursday, Mar. 18

12:05 AM Business alarm, 1800 block of Commercial Dr. OK.

12:46 AM Suspicious activity, 200 block of Davis St.

1:23 AM Suspicious person, area of Hurley Dr. unable to locate subject.

6:47 AM Suspicious person, Bay Street. arrest made.

10:22 AM Agency assist, Vernon St. structure fire.

11:10 AM Assault, SR 7.

3:14 PM suspicious person at city park.

4:08 PM Traffic stop, Long Street, speeding.

4:20 PM Traffic stop, Norris Avenue, speeding.

4:39 PM Traffic stop, Norris Avenue, speeding.

4:48 PM Traffic stop, Norris Avenue.

5:30 PM Traffic stop, Norris Avenue, speeding.

5:44 PM Traffic stop, 900 block of S State Street, speeding.

5:57 PM Traffic stop, 500 block of W Walnut Street, speeding.

6:48 PM Business alarm, 300 block of North State Street, OK.

6:57 PM Animal complaint, 100 block of S Gum Street.

8:57 PM Leaving the scene accident in the area of Hoosier Street.

9:18 PM Harassment reported at police department.

9:53 PM Disturbance, first block of W College Street, arrest made.

11:37 PM Property damage, 100 block of N State Street.

Friday, Mar. 19

Traffic Stops 6am -6pm

Between the hours of 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM North Vernon City Officers conducted 33 stops.

9 in the area of North State Street.

7 in the area of North State Road 3.

1 in the area of North State Road 7.

3 in the area of Hurley Drive.

3 in the area of North Madison Avenue.

2 in the area of West Walnut Street.

2 in the area of East Walnut Street.

3 in the area of Norris Avenue.

1 in the area of West O&M Avenue.

1 in the area of North Elm Street.

1 in the area of West College Street.

11:14 AM Domestic disturbance, W Walnut St. Arrest made.

11:42 AM Threats made, report taken.

3:43 PM Theft, 700 block of Hoosier St. report taken.

4:05 PM Civilian assist.

5:31 PM Fraud reported at the police department.

5:56 PM Agency assist in the area of Hicks Street.

6:19 PM Reckless driver, W Walnut St. Vehicle not located.

6:24 PM Property damage accident, first block of S State St. No injuries, report taken.

9:19 PM Traffic stop, arrest made

10:07 PM Traffic stop in the area of North State Street.

10:50 PM Disturbance, 300 block of Henry St. Arrest made.

11:34 PM Traffic stop in the area of North State Street.

11:59 PM Traffic stop in the area of North State Street.

Saturday, Mar. 20

12:18 AM Traffic stop in the area of South State Street.

12:34 AM Alarm, 300 block off Henry St. OK.

12:49 AM Traffic stop in the area of South State Street.

1:40 AM Agency assist, S State St.

2:40 AM Agency assist, 600 block of N Elm St.

7:31 AM Runaway juvenile, McDonald’s, juvenile was returned home safely.

8:36 AM Traffic stop at North State Street and Henry Street. Warning issued.

8:39 AM Citizen assist, Country Mark Gas Station.

9:49 AM Noise complaint, 200 block of South Gum St.

11:09 AM Property damage, city park.

11:29 AM Suicidal person, New St.

12:25 PM Traffic stop, Tenn Oaks Plaza and North State Street. Warning issued.

1:01 PM Dispute, 700 block of Hoosier St.

1:08 PM Agency assist, Majestic Health Care, transfer to SVJH.

4:01 PM Traffic stop, N SR 3, 2 seatbelt violation.

4:18 PM Traffic stop, Franklin St. seatbelt violation.

4:23 PM Traffic stop, Henry Street and North State Street. No driver license.

4:29 PM Traffic stop, N SR 3, warning issued.

4:57 PM Agency assist, SVJH.

5:09 PM Traffic stop, Walmart parking lot. Warning issued.

5:24 PM Traffic stop, Tenn Oaks Plaza parking lot. Warning issued.

5:34 PM Traffic stop, JFK Drive. Warning issued.

5:46 PM Stolen vehicle, 500 block of Persimmon Drive. Determined not stolen but repossessed. No report taken.

5:50 PM Traffic stop, N State St. Warning issued.

6:08 PM Welfare check, 900 block of N Private Rd 175 W.

7:01 PM Property damage accident, 100 block of Spring Heights Dr. Report taken.

10:07 PM Traffic stop, 800 block of S State St. Warning issued.

10:28 PM Unconscious person, 2400 block of N SR 3. Arrest made.

Sunday, Mar. 21

12:17 AM Reckless driver, US Hwy 50. Vehicle not located.

12:22 AM Domestic disturbance, block of Clearbrook Dr. Report was taken.

2:32 AM Suspicious vehicle, N SR 3, OK.

3:04 AM Traffic stop, Circle K, warning issued.

4:47 AM Agency assist, 700 block of Henry St.

7:11 AM Property damage accident, 300 block of Long St. Report taken.

11:01 AM Business alarm, 300 block of Henry St. OK.

11:36 AM Lost animal. No report.

11:47 AM Reckless driver, W. Walnut St. Arrest made.

6:23 PM Report of attempted fraud.

8:49 PM Traffic stop in the area of North State Street. Warning issued.

9:01 PM Traffic stop in the area of North State Street. Warning issued.

9:04 PM Wanted person, N SR 3, arrest made.

11:12 PM Trespassing, block of W Walnut St

Monday, Mar. 22

6:47 AM Suspicious person, behind Perfect Day Café subject advised to leave.

10:24 AM Neighbor dispute, Hoosier St.

10:31 AM Agency assist, Meadow Ln.

12:52 PM Suspicious person, W Walnut St. subject left the area.

1:35 PM Suicidal person, Hoosier St. Transported to SVJH.

4:00 PM Traffic stop, N Elm St. Arrest made.

4:16 PM Theft, N State St.

11:24 PM Welfare check, area of Flintwood Drive and Buckeye St. OK.

Tuesday, Mar. 23

7:25 AM Reckless driver, S State St. OK.

8:55 AM Traffic stop,Hurley Drive. Warning issued.

10:03 AM Property damage accident, in the area of 2080 N. State road 3 N.

10:50 AM Traffic stop conducted on Highway 3 North. Warning issued.

11:09 AM Alarm at 1850 North State street. False alarm.

11:38 AM Reckless driver in the area of Highway 7 North.

11:45 AM Traffic Stop conducted in the area of Circle K Marathon.

12:27 PM Reckless Driver in the area of Highway 7 North.

12:32 PM Traffic stop conducted in the area of Henry street.

3:09 PM Theft report taken at the police department. Report made.

3:30 PM Traffic stop conducted in the area of W. Walnut street.

3:54 PM Traffic stop conducted in the area of W. Walnut street.

5:55 PM Welfare check near the State. Officers were unable to locate anyone.

6:58 PM Agency assist locating an intoxicated driver.

8:50 PM Suspicious activity in the area of 5th Street and Summit Street. OK.

9:56 PM Traffic stop. Warning was given.

10:05 PM Traffic stop in the area of U.S. 50 East and 200 North, speeding.

11:57 PM Agency assist in Country Squire Lakes.


Wednesday, Mar. 17

4:12 AM Property damage accident

5:08 AM Property damage accident, Paris Crossing.

10:34 AM Recovered item.

11:29 AM Case follow up.

12:07 PM Traffic Stop.

12:30 PM Arrest, Stefanie Reeves, 48, North Vernon, driving while suspended with prior.

12:57 PM Juvenile problem.

1:36 PM Arrest, Dillon Smith, 27, Brownstown, identity deception, possession of paraphernalia and an out of county hold.

1:52 PM Juvenile problem.

1:58 PM Suspicious person.

2:14 PM Case follow up.

2:21 PM Traffic stop.

3:49 PM Traffic stop.

3:50 PM Missing person.

4:15 PM Animal Problem, Butlerville.

4:32 PM Property damage accident, Hayden.

5:09 PM Traffic stop.

6:09 PM Unconscious person.

8:57 PM Traffic stop.

9:05 PM Property damage accident, Scipio.

9:23 PM Child Abuse.

9:56 PM Burglary, Westport.

11:08 PM Agency assist.

Thursday, Mar. 18

2:03 AM Sex offense register.

5:57 AM Traffic Stop.

6:47 AM Suspicious person.

8:11 AM Arrest, Lucas Romos, 26, Indianapolis, operating while intoxicated and operating with license.

8:12 AM Property damage accident.

9:05 AM Arrest, Louann Parton, 36, North Vernon, warrant.

9:17 AM Civil matter.

9:51 AM Property damage accident.

10:20 AM Arrest, Billy Jo Parks, 38, Columbus, warrant.

11:00 AM Booked, Shaun Barbeau, 29, North Vernon, warrant.

11:44 AM Case follow up.

11:54 AM Welfare check.

1:07 PM Wanted person.

1:12 PM Suspicious person.

1:32 PM Arrest, Jessica Meek, 39, North Vernon, warrant.

1:44 PM Arrest, Devin Moore, 25, Columbus, warrant.

2:20 PM Weapon offense.

2:58 PM Citizen


3:28 PM Slide off, Butlerville.

3:58 PM Booked, Ashley McFall, 27, North Vernon, court order.

4:00 PM Animal problem.

4:05 PM Sex offense register.

6:44 PM Dispute.

6:57 PM Animal problem.

7:07 PM Case follow up.

8:40 PM Traffic stop.

8:44 PM Explosion.

8:57 PM Lines down.

9:01 PM Case follow up, Westport.

9:37 PM Trespassing.

10:36 PM Shots fired.

10:36 PM Arrest, Misty Johnson, 41, North Vernon, warrant, possession of meth, trafficking, possession of controlled substance and possession of marijuana.

11:54 PM Tree down.

Friday, Mar. 19

7:28 AM Traffic stop.

7:28 AM Traffic stop.

7:30 AM Booked, Marc Childers, 50, North Vernon, court order.

8:39 AM Arrest, Michael Lapine, 50, North Vernon, warrant.

9:25 AM Welfare check.

9:50 AM Welfare check, Butlerville.

10:16 AM Booked, Dennis B. Fournier, 40, North Vernon, possession of paraphernalia, OWI with prior.

11:33 AM Booked, Amanda Moore, 34, North Vernon, failure to appear.

11:40 AM Booked, Joshua X. Sanon, 22, North Vernon, false informing and resisting.

12:00 PM Booked, Charles D. Dixon, 32, North Vernon, OWI/endangerment, controlled substance, possession marijuana and paraphernalia.

12:43 PM Lost or stolen item.

12:47 PM Information, Vernon.

12:58 PM Reckless driver.

2:40 PM Welfare check.

3:02 PM Shots fired.

3:09 PM Threats made.

3:13 PM Citizen assist.

3:47 PM Domestic dispute.

4:57 PM Fraud.

5:46 PM Case follow up.

5:59 PM Booked, Stephanie Bigness, 39, North Vernon, court order.

6:34 PM Psychiatric.

6:42 PM Property damage accident.

7:05 PM Citizen assist.

7:11 PM Booked, Daniel Parrish, 34, North Vernon, court order.

7:16 PM Booked, James Leach, 28, North Vernon, court order.

7:40 PM Agency assist.

8:15 PM Booked, Tammy Riley, 47, Scottsburg, court order.

8:18 PM Theft.

9:02 PM Traffic stop.

9:24 PM Citizen assist.

10:07 PM Traffic stop.

10:18 PM Traffic stop.

10:20 PM Traffic stop.

10:20 PM Booked, Cody Kellems, 30, Westport, suspended license, OWI-controlled substance.

10;49 PM Prowler.

11:06 PM Noise complaint.

11:39 PM Booked, Shannon Collins, 41, Marion Ohio, public intoxication.

Saturday, Mar. 20

1:05 AM Arrest, Demetrio Andino, 38, Seymour, warrant.

1:10 AM Agency assist.

1:40 AM Welfare check.

1:59 AM Prowler.

7:31 AM Welfare check.

9:21 AM Property damage accident, Commiskey.

9:34 AM Welfare check.

9:56 AM Property damage.

10:09 AM Property damage.

10:24 AM Suspicious person.

10:44 AM Animal problem, Scipio.

10:47 AM LS accident.

11:00 AM Property damage, Commiskey.

11:10 AM Disorderly conduct.

11:50 AM Intoxication.

1:15 PM Suicidal person, Butlerville.

1:25 PM Person threatened.

4:01 PM Psychiatric.

4:23 PM Traffic stop.

4:37 PM Citizen assist.

4:49 PM Arrest, Garrett Weston, 21, North Vernon, never licensed.

4:51 PM Welfare check.

5:12 PM Case follow up.

5:14 PM Traffic stop.

5:20 PM Open door.

5:26 PM Vehicle fire.

5:34 PM Reckless driver.

7:14 PM Pursuit.

10:07 PM Traffic stop.

10:28 PM Unconscious person.

11:20 PM Overdose.

11:52 PM Burglary in progress, Commiskey.

Sunday, Mar. 21

12:10 AM Arrest, Emily Brooks, 24, North Vernon, possession of marijuana, controlled substance and syringe.

12:33 AM Traffic stop.

12:35 AM Traffic stop.

12:52 AM Case follow up.

1:02 AM Property damage.

1:04 AM Traffic stop, Vernon.

2:26 AM Arrest, Francisco Jimenez De Dios, 35, North Vernon, OWI.

3:04 AM Traffic stop.

3:06 AM Noise complaint.

3:34 AM Domestic disturbance.

7:20 AM Reckless driver.

9:41 AM Booked, Dustin Lozier, 25, North Vernon, warrant.

11:50 AM Domestic disturbance.

11:53 AM Traffic stop.

12:15 PM Arrest, Seianna Creech, 22, North Vernon, suspended license and possession of paraphernalia.

1:44 PM Drugs reported.

6:19 PM Case follow up, Commiskey.

6:49 PM Case follow up.

6:33 PM Property damage accident.

6;35 PM Animal problem

7:06 PM Disabled vehicle.

7:15 PM Case follow up.

7:23 PM Citizen assist.

7:54 PM Theft.

8:55 PM Reckless driver.

8:57 PM Welfare check.

9:39 PM Arrest, Jennifer Mounce, 37, North Vernon, warrant.

9:47 PM Traffic stop.

10:46 PM Abandoned vehicle, Butlerville.

11:03 PM Traffic stop.

Monday, Mar. 22

12:04 AM Case follow up.

12:08 AM Structure fire, Vernon.

1:39 AM Animal bite.

3:06 AM Fall.

4:26 AM Traffic stop.

4:45 AM Difficulty breathing.

5:21 AM Burglar alarm.

6:47 AM Suspicious activity.

7:57 AM Arrest, Kevin Aldridge, 39, Madison, warrant.

8:39 AM Wanted person, Vernon.

9:26 AM Traffic stop.

9:47 AM Welfare check.

10:09 AM LS accident, Elizabethtown.

10:12 AM Agency assist, Commiskey.

10:13 AM Agency assist.

10:15 AM Suspicious activity.

11:42 AM Suicidal person.

12:03 PM Booked, Kayti Arnold, 30, North Vernon, writ of body attachment.

12:52 PM Suspicious activity.

1:22 PM Theft.

1:24 PM Head pain.

1:25 PM Animal problem, Scipio.

2:35 PM Drugs, Scipio.

3:48 PM Booked, Amberley Day, 32, North Vernon, possession of synthetic urine and warrant.

3:57 PM Traffic hazard, Butlerville.

4:12 PM Traffic stop.

4:25 PM Domestic problem.

4:45 PM Juvenile problem.

5:02 PM Arrest, Kelli Cravens, 4, North Vernon, possession and dealing meth and marijuana.

5:05 PM Traffic stop.

5:53 PM Welfare check.

6:04 PM Residential alarm, Butlerville.

7:08 PM Suspicious activity.

8:02 PM Lines down.

8:17 PM Traffic stop.

8:26 PM Fire.

10:08 PM Traffic stop.

10:58 PM Prowler.

11:58 PM Assault.

Tuesday, Mar. 23

2:07 AM Arrest, Ethen Robertson, 23, Columbus, possession of meth and driving while suspended.

1:50 PM Booked, Jackson Smock, 20, North Vernon, court order.

4:57 PM Booked, Cody Burris, 25, Butlerville, warrant.

7:41 PM Booked, Terry Bragg, 50, North Vernon, court order.