Fire Runs

Saturday, August 212:05 PM, Grass fire, Hwy. 50 W.

5:41 PM, Fire alarm, 1301 W. JFK Drive, Lowes Distribution.

Sunday, August 22

12:44 PM, Grass fire, 1050 S. 800 W.

11:55 PM, Fire alarm, 701 Henry Street, Majestic Care.

Rescue 20

Wednesday, August 18

8:06 AM, Illness, Greyford Road, refused transport.

8:25 AM, SOA, Washington Street, transported to SVJH.

9:57 AM, Overdose, Cherokee Drive, refused transport.

12:30 PM, Diabetic, 700 West, transported to SVJH.

6:14 PM, Illness, Byram Lake, transported to SVJH.

9:47 PM, Overdose, Long Street, refused transport.

Thursday, August 19

12:19 AM, Sickness, Coventry Gardens, transported to SVJH.

1:27 AM, Transfer, SVJH, transported to Coventry Gardens.

4:05 AM, Moving vehicle accident, Hwy. 3 South, refused transport.

9:32 AM, Stroke, 295 W., transported to SVJH.

11:19 AM, Fall, Londonary, refused transport.

12:07 PM, Stand-by, 405 S., no transport.

12:34 PM, Home injury, FDR, transported to SVJH.

2:34 PM, Welfare check, 900 W., refused transport.

4:00 PM, Chest pain, Brownstown Road, transported to SVJH.

10:59 PM, Medical alarm, N. Kingsway Drive, transported to SVJH.

Friday, August 20

1:04 AM, Injury, N. Brooks Lane, transported to Columbus Regional.

3:13 AM, Fall/Lift, Piccadilly, refused transport.

11:07 AM, Squad check, 400 S., signature.

5:34 PM, Illness, 600 N., transported to SVJH.

Saturday, August 21

1:34 AM, Illness, Flintwood Drive, refused transport.

7:41 AM, Illness, Washington Street, refused transport.

5:42 AM, Fire, JFK Drive, no patient.

9:09 PM, Seizure, 5 E., refused transport.

11:31 PM, Abdominal pain, Gilbert Street, transported to SVJH.

Sunday, August 22

10:53 AM, Sickness, Washington Street, transported to SVJH.

3:04 PM, Abdominal Pain, Hwy. 3, transported to SVJH.

4:48 PM, Transfer patient from Henry Street to Columbus Regional.

4:33 PM, Deceased person, Meadow Lane, transported by Coroner.

6:56 PM, Mental issue, Wildwood Drive, transported to SVJH.

Monday, August 23

6:16 AM, Allergic reaction, 400 W., transported to SVJH.

8:23 AM, Illness, Hwy. 7 N., transported to SVJH.

8:51 AM, Chest pain, Industrial Drive, transported to SVJH.

10:33 AM, Illness, 395 N., refused transport.

11:25 AM, Seizure, 200 W., transported to SVJH.

2:42 PM, Fall, Hayden Pike, transported to SVJH.

2:43 PM, Overdose, County Park & Gum Street, refused transport.

5:21 PM, Illness, W. O&M Avenue, transported to SVJH.

10:11 PM, Difficulty breathing, N. Private Rd. 5 E., transported to SVJH.

City Police

Wednesday, August 18

1:08 AM, Officers responded to the Hospital to assist with a patient.

8:33 AM, Dispute near 2970 N. Hwy. 3

8:50 AM, Theft report taken from 112 S. Jennings.

10:14 AM, Leaking load near Casey’s & Hwy. 7 N.

11:41 AM, Property damage accident near Taco Bell.

12:28 PM, Criminal mischief report taken at Police Dept.

2:54 PM, Reckless driver near 2795 N. Hwy. 7.

5:13 PM, Citizen assist.

7:48 PM, Neighbor dispute.

8:10 PM, Disturbance, 300 block of Franklin Street, parties separated, report taken.

9:40 PM, Suspicious person, 200 block of N. State Street, checked okay.

9:47 PM, Overdose, 300 block of Long Street, report was taken.

10:52 PM, Disturbance, 400 block of Persimmon Drive, report was taken.

Five (5) Traffic stops

Thursday, August 19

12:43 AM, Suspicious person, S. State Street, person was not located.

7:28 AM, Criminal mischief, area of Franklin St.

8:26 AM, Business alarm, area of N. State Street, checked okay.

12:07 PM, Counterfeit bill recovered, area of Hwy. 7 N.

1:58 PM, Case follow-up, area of Hwy. 3 N.

6:13 PM, Citizen assist, block of Stockwell St.

7:02 PM, Property damage accident, Jay C parking lot, minor damage, report was taken.

7:06 PM, Theft, Marathon South station, report was taken.

Friday, August 20

5:18 AM, Animal problem, 500 block of Barlow Dr.

7:56 AM, Criminal mischief, 300 block of Franklin St.

11:02 AM, Dispute, 700 block of N. State St.

12:16 PM, Property damage accident, 2000 block of Hwy. 7, minor damage, no injuries.

12:20 PM, Alarm, 1800 block of W. Co. Rd. 100 N.

6:04 PM, Child custody issue, advise given.

7:43 PM, Child custody issue, advise given.

8:03 PM, Citizen assist, cat stuck in storm drain.

9:25 PM, Welfare check, S. Elm Street, checked okay.

11:57 PM, Extra patrol at the hospital, checked okay.

Fourteen (14) Traffic stops.

Saturday, August 21

12:48 AM, Bank alarm, JCB bank, checked okay.

10:40 A M, Disabled semi, W. O&M Avenue, wrecker was called.

11:25 AM, Juvenile issue, intersection of State & Walnut Streets, checked okay.

12:33 PM, Recovered bicycle, area of Davis St.

1:57 PM, Citizen assist, S. Elm St.

4:52 PM, Suspicious person, 800 block of S. State Street, checked okay.

7:06 PM, Welfare check, male walking on W. Walnut, could not locate person.

7:12 PM, Reckless driver, area of E. Walnut & Jackson Streets, could not locate.

7:20 PM, Stolen vehicle recovered, Walmart, returned to owner.

8:19 PM, Child left in car, Casey’s, owner back in vehicle and report was taken.

8:22 PM, Burglary in progress, Hayden Pike, civil matter.

9:17 PM, Business alarm, KFC, checked okay.

9:56 PM, Business alarm, Auto Zone, checked okay.

10:03 PM, Domestic disturbance, Totten Circle, verbal only.

10:17 PM, Dispute at Sunoco, advise given.

11:34 PM, Theft, Oak Meadows, report was taken.

Ten (10) Traffic stops.

Sunday, August 22

12:09 AM, Dispute, St. Vincent Hospital, person left property.

7:38 AM, Welfare check, area of Henry & N. Elm Streets, checked okay.

11:57 AM, Lost juvenile, 200 block of S. State Street, officer’s located juveniles family.

12:19 PM, Child custody issue.

6:35 PM, Fraud, report taken.

7:12 PM, Suspicious person, Walmart, checked okay.

Fourteen (14) Traffic stops.

Monday, August 23

1:26 AM, Assisted motorist with disabled vehicle, E. Walnut St.

9:42 AM, Property damage accident, near 1600 N. State St.

10:09 AM, Juvenile problem, near the mini park.

10:55 AM, Theft, report taken.

1:24 AM, Unlicensed driver, near W. O&M Ave.

2:43 PM, Stolen license plate, near 1600 N. State St.

3:30 PM, Suspicious person, near 47 E. Main St.

5:13 PM, Threats made, near 172 W. O&M Ave.

7:01 PM, Agency assist, 300 block of Henry St.

9:02 PM, Suspicious person, area of N. State Street, checked okay.

10:40 PM, Intoxicated person, 800 block of S. State St. arrest was made.

11:14 PM, Welfare check, area of Park Avenue, checked okay.

11:37 PM, Suspicious person, 200 block of W. Walnut Street, person not located.

Two (2) Traffic Stops.

Sherriff’s Report

Wednesday, August 18

4:02 AM, Shots fired.

4:10 AM, Theft reported.

5:34 AM, Welfare check.

5:42 AM, Arrested, Jessica Keel, 21, North Vernon, visiting a common nuisance.

5:58 AM, Arrested, Jimmie Robbins, 34, North Vernon, robbery, battery with serious bodily injury, possession of meth, paraphernalia and syringe.

8:04 AM, Fall.

8:23 AM, Unconscious person, Butlerville.

8:49 AM, Case follow-up.

9:42 AM, Welfare check.

9:58 AM, Overdose.

10:50 AM, Arrested, Jacob Gibson, 28, Kokomo, warrant.

11:41 AM, Property damage accident.

12:25 PM, Medical alarm, Elizabethtown.

2:10 PM, Citizen assist.

3:21 PM, Reckless driver, Butlerville.

4:12 PM, Shots fired.

6:24 PM, Burglary in progress.

10:05 PM, Reckless driver.

10:23 PM, Reckless driver.

Four (4) Traffic stops.

Thursday, August 19

12:01 AM, Dispute.

12:46 AM, Arrested, Rebecca Robinson, 46, North Vernon, operating vehicle while intoxicated.

4:02 AM, Personal injury accident.

6:31 AM, Property damage accident.

6:32 AM, Disabled vehicle.

9:29 AM, Welfare check.

9:52 AM, Search warrant.

10:05 AM, Civil matter.

11:42 AM, Arrested, Ronald Brown, 65, North Vernon, possession of marijuana, contributing alcohol to a minor, sexual misconduct with a minor.

12:00 PM, Arrested, Archie Hall, 47, Madison, court ordered arrest.

12:03 PM, Reckless driver.

12:05 PM, Domestic disturbance, Butlerville.

12:25 PM, Burglary attempt.

12:55 PM, Arrested, Michael Patterson, 60, North Vernon, domestic battery.

1:01 PM, Arrested, Lisa Patterson, 52, North Vernon, domestic battery.

1:03 PM, Citizen assist.

1:47 PM, Welfare check.

2:30 PM, Welfare check.

2:53 PM, Property damage.

3:08 PM, Property damage accident.

3:16 PM, Arrested, Jennifer White, 35, North Vernon, court ordered arrest.

3:22 PM, Wanted person.

4:26 PM, Arrested, Cody Burriss, 27, Butlerville, 2 warrants.

4:32 PM, Information.

4:45 PM, Citizen assist.

5:29 PM, Residential alarm.

7:06 PM, Theft.

7:07 PM, Arrested, Darren Griffith, 37, North Vernon, warrant.

8:08 PM, Child custody issue.

8:23 PM, Welfare check.

9:40 PM, Wanted person, Seymour.

9:50 PM, Welfare check.

10:46 PM, Open door.

11:05 PM, Booked, Matthew Burt, 26, North Vernon, warrant.

Two (2) Traffic stops.

Friday, August 20

2:20 AM, Abuse.

4:45 AM, Arrested, Charles Hauk, 69, North Vernon, neglect of a dependent, domestic battery of an endangered adult.

6:00 AM, Disabled vehicle.

7:55 AM, Booked, Autumn Wood, 27, North Vernon, court order.

8:32 AM, Welfare check,

10:11 AM, Residential alarm.

10:12 AM, Booked, Dorian Davis, 28, Paris Crossing, two warrants.

10:22 AM, Sex offense.

10:39 AM, Agency assist.

11:13 AM, 911 hang-up.

11:49 AM, DUI.

12:15 PM, Welfare check.

12:31 PM, Booked, Deana Lovins, 54, North Vernon, warrant.

12:41 PM, Booked, Crystal McPherson, 38, Indianapolis, court order.

12:47 PM, Booked, Joshua Smith, 28, Columbus, warrant.

1:18 PM, K-9

1:18 PM, Booked, Kasie Barrett, 20, North Vernon, warrant.

1:24 PM, Suspicious activity.

1:32 PM, Reckless driver.

1:47 PM, Booked, Joshua Sanon, 22, North Vernon, court order.

1:55 PM, Arrested, Jason Hart, 43, North Vernon, legend drug violation, possession of marijuana & paraphernalia.

1:59 PM, Reckless driver.

1:59 PM, Case follow-up.

3:59 PM, Shots fired.

4:12 PM, Trespassing.

4:17 PM, Suspicious activity.

4:33 PM, Property damage accident.

4:52 PM, Booked, Bradley Vasseur, 33, North Vernon, court order.

4:52 PM, Suspicious activity.

5:30 PM, Booked, Elbert Howard, 28, Vernon, possession of meth and a warrant.

6:08 PM, Wanted person.

6:15 PM, Tree down.

6:20 PM, Dispute.

6:47 PM, Neighbor dispute.

7:10 PM, Case follow-up.

7:15 PM, Theft.

7:43 PM, Dispute.

7:44 PM, Animal problem.

7:58 PM, Case follow-up.

8:02 PM, Fight.

9:01 PM, Domestic disturbance.

9:36 PM, Reckless driver.

9:38 PM, Dispute.

10:51 PM, Domestic disturbance

11:57 PM, Shots fired.

Seventeen (17) Traffic stops.

Saturday, August 2112:07 AM, Shots fired, Elizabethtown.

12:37 AM, Rape.

12:40 AM, Rape.

4:25 AM, Arrested, Danny Berry, 61, Scottsburg, sexual battery.

6:30 AM, Arrested, Rebeca Baltazar, 45, Seymour, operator never licensed and resisting law enforcement.

10:19 AM, Case follow-up.

11:05 AM, Hold-up alarm.

12:35 PM, Case follow-up, Columbus.

2:05 PM, Grass fire.

3:00 PM, Arrested, Dawn Hunter, 53, Hope, court order to serve weekends.

4:09 PM, Indecent exposure.

4:52 PM, Suspicious activity.

6:16 PM, Animal problem.

7:18 PM, Arrested, Christopher Neville, 28, North Vernon, court order to serve weekends.

7:20 PM, Harassment.

8:37 PM, Domestic disturbance, Dupont.

11:03 PM, Domestic disturbance, Scipio.

11:19 PM, Threatening.

Eight (8) Traffic stops.

Sunday, August 22

1:49 AM, Arrested, Allison McCullough, 19, North Vernon, possession of marijuana & paraphernalia.

7:03 AM, Burglary, Butlerville.

10:50 AM, Citizen assist.

11:01 AM, Property damage.

12:19 PM, Child custody issue.

12:44 PM, Automobile theft, Butlerville.

1:09 PM, Case follow-up.

1:54 PM, Theft.

3:35 PM, Theft.

4:53 PM, Domestic disturbance.

6:51 PM, Suicide attempt.

7:57 PM, Reckless driver.

10:53 PM, Case follow-up.

11:02 PM, Case follow-up.

Five (5) Traffic stops.

Monday, August 23

12:35 AM, Suspicious activity, Butlerville.

12:39 AM, Pursuit.

2:55 AM, Suspicious activity.

5:49 AM, Runaway juvenile.

6:27 AM, Reckless driver, Westport.

9:26 AM, Fraud reported.

11:19 AM, Missing Person.

1:54 PM, Animal problem.

2:18 PM, Indecent exposure.

2:38 PM, Criminal mischief.

2:53 PM, Unconscious person.

3:00 PM, Booked, Antonio Newby, 24, Clarksville, warrant.

3:51 PM, Trespassing.

3:53 PM, Property damage.

4:48 PM, Arrested, Byron Townsend, 45, North Vernon, habitual traffic violator, possession of syringe and a controlled substance.

5:28 PM, Property damage accident.

5:33 PM, Case follow-up.

5:51 PM, Property damage accident.

6:01 PM, Property damage accident.

6:21 PM, Case follow-up.

6:34 PM, Wanted person.

6:39 PM, Abandoned vehicle.

6:59 PM, Trespassing.

8:04 PM, Wanted person, Butlerville.

8:53 PM, Welfare check.

9:19 PM, Arrested, Jason Daughterty, 44, Butlerville, three warrants, possession of meth, and has an out of county hold.

9:44 PM, Shots fired.

9:53 PM, Sex offender registered.

10:27 PM, Wanted person.

10:55 PM, Arrested, William Croudh, 41, North Vernon, warrant, possession of meth, invasion of privacy, and has an out of county hold.

10:59 PM, Arrested, Sheila A. Keller, 39, North Vernon, warrant.

11:13 PM, Welfare check.

11:15 PM, Dispute.

11:16 PM, Arrested, Michael Humphrey, 38, North Vernon, public intoxication.

11:51 PM, Civil matter.

Four (4) Traffic stop.