The following are reader-submitted responses to the Plain Dealer & Sun “Question of the Week” from our May 6 edition. That week’s question was: This week’s front page of the Plain Dealer & Sun revealed that Jennings County is to be awarded $1 million for roads and bridges. What other area in the county is greatly in need of grant funding?

Commiskey Pike needs to be wider.

April Finley, Madison

800 West north of Hayden. The road that the Rose Acres plant is located on is in horrible condition. This road has never been paved before. All roads around me have been maintained. Ours only chipped and not very well. They barely fill in the potholes. I have lived on this road for over 40 years and it would be greatly appreciated if for once our road could receive some attention. Thank you!

Misty Winget, Scipio