Amber Jones, 31, of North Vernon to Teddy Adams Jr., 26, of Columbus.

Shanell Clayton, North Vernon vs. Joseph Clayton, Jr., North Vernon. The couple married on Sept. 6, 1997 and separated in June 2021. One minor child.

Caliber Home Loans, Inc. vs. Barry L. Fisher and Tina L. Fisher.

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Vivetta Kismore, North Vernon vs. April Taylor, Deputy, for $2097.

Deanna Stainbrook petitioned for the title requests of a 2005 ASM Boat Trailer and 1977 Sears Boat.

Edward Johnson. Charged with: F5 Nonsupport of a dependent child.

Glenda Sims, Commiskey vs. Arland and Cherrie Caffee, Henryville for $2400.

LVNV Funding LLC vs. Kristy Horton aka Kristy Overshiner, Butlerville for $847.11.

Jerade James Bonds. Charged with: F5 Auto theft.

Mid America Mortgage, Inc. vs. Chasity Jean Norris, Area Plan Commission, Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority.

May 5: Sherry Louise Hill, 960 S. Co. Rd. 75 W., North Vernon; Chapter 13; assets, $55,520; debts, $44,577.

Jefferson Capital Systems LLC vs. David Pennycuff, Butlerville for $2512.57.

Bailey Stewart, 27, to Daniel Leach, 25, both of North Vernon.

Tania Adriana Labra Gomez, North Vernon vs. Serafin Lopez Hernandez, North Vernon. The couple married on May 24, 2013 and separated on Mar. 4, 2022. Two children.

Donald Hobson, North Vernon vs. Stephanie Smith, North Vernon for $430.

Hannah Everhart, North Vernon vs. Jared Everhart, North Vernon. The couple married on Mar. 12, 2011 and separated on May 21, 2022. Two children.

Aaron Matthew Johnson. Charged with: F3 Child molesting.

Rhonda Marie Hoerle, 58, of North Vernon to Johann Lustenberger, 66, of Chicago, IL.

Michael W. Cooley, North Vernon vs. Tyra J. Cooley, Scipio. The couple married on June 12, 2020 and separated on Feb. 13, 2022. One child.

Primelending, A Plainscapital Company vs. Pepper E. Robertson, Arnettie Robertson and Technology Credit Union.

Habitat for Humanity of Jefferson County, Indiana vs. Trowbridge Diesel & Auto Repair for $5945.

Shannon Marie Gilpin, 47, to Kevin Douglas Gray, 53, both of North Vernon.

Fire Page Catusan Fleetwood. Charged with: F5 Escape; F6 Intimidation; F6 Residential Entry and MA Resisting law enforcement.

Brandi Nicole Pevehouse. Charged with: F6 Operating Vehicle W/ACE of .15 or More (plea by agreement) and MC Operating a vehicle while intoxicated (dismissed). Sentenced to 540 days, jail credit of four days and 536 days suspended with 536 days of probation.

Harold R. Altepeter petitioned for an order to the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles to issue a replacement certificate of a title for a 2000 Lund Explorer Boat and a 1999 Lund 1650 Explorer Trailer.

Thomas Alexander Bowling, 27, to Ashley Ann Gallo, 24, both of Commiskey.

Chelsea Wagner, North Vernon, vs. Christopher Wagner, Commiskey. The couple married on Sept. 7, 2019 and separated Apr. 26, 2022. No children.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC vs. Benny Wright, Paris Crossing for $4465.91.

James Randolf Williams. Charged with: F6 Residential entry break and enter dwelling and MA Criminal trespass.

Spicer, Jessica R. Charged with: F6: Operating Vehicle with alcohol concentration equivalent of .15 or More with passenger under 18 where Def is at least 21 yrs old (dismissed); MA: Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated Endangering a Person (plea by agreement); MC: Operating a Vehicle with A…

Jessica Scott, 39, to Richard McCray, 37, both of North Vernon.

Kelsie Cuellar, North Vernon vs. Nathan Cuellar, North Vernon. The couple married on Apr. 6, 2019 and separated on Feb. 1, 2021. One child.

Shawn Stakery of North Vernon, Title Request for a 2016 Honda

OneMain Financial Group, LLC vs. Robert Deppe, North Vernon for $1290.96.

Joshua Xavier Sanon. Charged with F6 Possession of methamphetamine and MC Possession of paraphernalia.

Ashley Claire, North Vernon vs. Ronald C. Johnson, Murfreesboro, TN for $4324.79.

Dustin Allen Vance, 26, of North Vernon to Kennedy Spann, 24, of Madison.

Jacob Tolbert, Butlerville vs. Emily Smith, Butlerville. The couple married on July 4, 2020 and separated in Jan. 2022. Three children.

Zakry Cooper, Seymour vs. Kerrigan Bohall, North Vernon for a complaint to withdraw/rescind Cooper’s acknowledgement of paternity.

Matthew S. Boggs. Charged with: F4 Dealing in a Schedule III controlled substance with weight b/t 5 & 10 grams; F6 Trafficking with an inmate outside a facility and F6 Def, w/intent to defraud.

Amanda L. Perkins, 34, to Michael E. Biehle II, 35, both of North Vernon.