Items gleaned from newspapers on file on microfilm at the Jennings County Public Library

LVNV Funding, LLC vs. Russell Ilsley, North Vernon for $3106.28.

Christopher L. Smith. Charged with: F4 Child molesting (three counts).

Matthew Goens, 29, of North Vernon to Jealousy Boswell, 22, of Freetown, IN.

Joshua Moore, North Vernon vs. Tosha Moore, North Vernon. The couple married on June 28, 2013 and separated on Oct. 30, 2022. One child.

Mary Lee Wood. Charged with: F4 Burglary and F6 Theft where value of the property is between $750 and $50K.

Taylor Alexis Holley, 29, to Buck Allen Perry Jr., 32, both of North Vernon.

Jennifer Randall, North Vernon vs. Zachary Randall, North Vernon. The couple married on Oct. 23, 2010 and separated in November 2022. Two children.

Patricia Reed vs. Jana Wilson for $1047.

Crown Asset Management, LLC vs. Travis Hadley, North Vernon for $1221.91.

Quintin Richard Strope, 28, to Santanna Rose Kreutzjans, 28, both of North Vernon.

Angela Keith vs. Joshua Keith, Moorseville, IN. The couple married on May 8, 2013 and separated on June 1, 2021. One child.

Allied Collection Service, Inc. has filed claims against the following:

Duane E. Kendall. Charged with: F2 Dealing methamphetamine/amount of 10 grams or more; F3 Possession of methamphetamine; F6 Maintaining a common nuisance and MB Possession of marijuana.

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Jared A. Bohall, North Vernon vs. State Ex Rel. Commissioner of Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Petitioner requests the court to rescind his driving privileges lifetime suspension.

Tim Callahan, North Vernon vs. Marlene Sidwell, North Vernon for $7597.

Midland Credit Management, Inc vs. Carrie Baray, North Vernon for $2903.15.

Addy Anderson, 31, to Dylan James Edward Lamb, 30, both of North Vernon.

Kayla D. Cain, vs. Nicholas Cain, North Vernon. The couple married on Nov. 1, 2016 and separated on Oct. 21, 2022. One child.

PennyMac Loan Services LLC vs. Matthew T. Bailey and Margaret P. Bailey.

Giselly Nicole Cruz, 25, to Tyler Michael Hargis, 25, both of North Vernon.

Kinya Zimmerman, North Vernon vs. Donnie Zimmerman, North Vernon. The couple married on Oct. 25, 2021 and separated on Oct. 28, 2022. No children.

S&G Electric vs. John Dillon, North Vernon for $1503.59.

Midland Credit Management, Inc. vs. Brandy Carr, North Vernon for $790.03.

Jessie Ryan Simmonds. Charged with: F6: Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated: Endangering a person less than 18 years (plea by agreement); MC Operating a vehicle with Alcohol Concentration Equivalent of at Least .08 but Less than .15 (dismissed) and MC Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated …

Mariner Finance LLC vs. Larry Crum, North Vernon for $4489.67.

Kelli Dale Cravens. Charged with: F2 Dealing in methamphetamine; F3 Dealing methamphetamine (two counts); F4 Possession of methamphetamine between 10 and 28 grams; F5 Possession of methamphetamine (two counts).

Alissa Diane Tungeitt, 21, to Brian Joseph Vaught, 24, both of North Vernon.

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. vs. Michael W. Brown.

Rocket Mortgage, LLC f/k/a Quicken Loans, LLC f/k/a Quicken Loans Inc. vs. Mitzie Dillon et al.

M&M Investment Group, LLC vs. Jeremiah Wager, Sherri Wager, Maroke Financial LLC.

Alysha Rose Kathleen Abner, 22, to Christian Gunter Wells, 28, both of North Vernon.

Michelle Lynn Albertson, North Vernon vs. Kenny Shawn Albertson, Salem, IN. The couple married on July 11, 2015 and separated on June 11, 2022. One child.

Jill S. (Blackburn) Sanders. Charged with: F2 Dealing in methamphetamine and F3 Possession of methamphetamine.

Elaine Croxton, Commiskey vs. Branden Croxton, Dupont. The couple married on Mar. 23, 2016 and separated on Oct. 14, 2022. No children.

Crystal Owens, 31, to Aaron Fox, 35, both of North Vernon.

Nathan Hall, Elizabethtown vs. Mindy Hall, Seymour. The couple married on Mar. 9, 2007 and separated in November 2018. Two children.

Vicki Wilson petitioned for grandparent visitation.

Rachel Dawn Robinson. Charged with: F5 Possession of methamphetamine and IFA Driving while suspended.