Week 4 brought much better weather than last week. There was some spring wind for sure but nothing like the winds we battled through during week 3. We had 11 players with par or better this week and many players who had their best round so far during league nights. The league average for this week was 59.1. Leading the way was Shay Speer with a 48 (-6). He took his lead back up to 10 for first place. There was a trio (Alex Sedam, Connor Ertel, and Todd Ebinger) behind him who threw a 50 (-4). They are also in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place in the league standings. Alex has a 2 shot lead on Connor for 2nd and Connor is up 4 on Todd for 3rd. Leonard Collett and Perry Daugherty scored a 51 (-3) during Week 3 play.