Freshly recovered from another Indy 500 hangover, the Jeff “Honda Rules, Chevrolet Drools” O’Connor team burned the rubber on the St. Annes Golf Course in this week’s Tuesday Men’s Golf League action, racing to an evening’s best 28 points.

Trios captained by Bill “San Jacinto Grease Monkey” Browning, Ben “Cashing in on the Housing Shortage” Hauersperger, Brad “Let It Ride on the Belmont” Kage and Ed “I Miss the Milwaukee Mile” Whitaker shared the booby prize, each mustering a mere 15 points.

John “Secret Fan of Simona de Silvestro” Bright collected a pair of skins with birdies on Nos. 5 and 7. Other skins went to Trent “Love Running for Office Unopposed” Wisner, the aforementioned O’Connor and Brent “Flex Those Toes” Bailey with birdies on Nos. 1, 4 and 9, respectively. Doug “Ruffles Have Ridges” Schroeder drew the blind.

A.J. “It’s All in the Mind Y’Know” Spicer and Randy “Have Rod and Reel — Will Travel” Ramey garnered closest-to-the-pin money on Nos. 2 and 4, respectively.

Here are standings after five weeks of play (points, which are based on Stableford best-ball scoring, are accumulated each week) with updated handicaps in parentheses. Teams are listed by captains’ names.

Brent Bailey (0) 123

Jeff O’Connor (-1) 123

Mike Stearns (3) 111

Tony Starkey (2) 110

Dave Shaw (5) 110

Bart Ellison (3) 109

Doug Schroeder (3) 109

Robin Brown (1) 107

Ed Whitaker (2) 106

Dick Wilson (5) 103

Joe Campbell (2) 102

Jack Kelley (4) 102

Steve Schmidt (4) 100

Ben Hauersperger (6) 99

Matt York (6) 98

Bill Browning (3) 97

Dave Kopitzke (5) 96

Chris Manning (6) 96

Bryce Mayer (5) 88

Eric Johnson (4) 88

Brad Kage (4) 77

Wallace Philpot (5) 75