Vernon HS Reunion

Pictured in their 1921 class photo, from left, are Donald Thomas, Bernadine Welker Boggs, Fred Hengstler, Florence Trapp Simpson and Noel Stafford.

Graduates of Vernon High School, which was discontinued in 1964, will gather once again for their annual meeting on May 1. This year’s president is Roger Taylor with Dale Boyd acting as vice-president.

Beginning this year, their meeting will start at 3 p.m. The gym will open at 9 a.m. and members and guests can register any time after that.

Upon entering the gym, guests will be greeted by the new gym flooring from front to back and new basketball goals. This was made possible by a $41,000 grant from the National Basketball Association.

The usual $1,000 scholarships were given last year. They went to Wyatt St. John, great-grandson of George St. John, class of ‘43 and Jonah B. Salyers, grandson of Charles Collins, class of ‘57.

The 75-year class will be honored. Remaining members are Richard DeCamp, Richard Hughes and David Hulse.

The Association has learned since last year of many losses: They are Lydia Robbins Wilson, Class of 1937; Maurice Moncrief and Frank Biehle 1944; Marie Monday Canary 1945; Doris Jamison Pearcy and Ralph Biehle 1948; George Kreutzjans and Robert Davis 1949; Helen Walt Taylor 1952; Harry Stewart and Leon Kinnaman 1953; Paul Marsh, Robert Fry, and Dale Petit 1954; Ruth Kinnaman Pilarski 1955; Kay Boggs Brown and Wade Hogg 1956; Donald Dixon, Walter Hoyt 1958; Phillip Lutz 1959; Michael Lauderbaugh 1960; Tom Roberson 1961; and John Burton 1966.

The golf outing will be on Sunday, May 2, at St. Anne’s Golf Course. Tee time is 1 p.m. Members are invited to bring their children and grandchildren. They are advised to call Roger Taylor at 812-767-0376 and tell him how many players they are bringing.