Editor’s Note: This is a copy of a letter the writer recently wrote to Rep. Terry Goodin, the Sixth District representative in the Indiana House and asked that it be published as a Letter to the Editor.

To the Editor:

The writer of this letter finds it hard to believe there has occurred no hue and cry from owners of electric and hybrid cars over the new fee slapped on our gasoline-stingy vehicles at license-renewal time. What a shame!

We Americans did more than our share of hand-wringing about depleting the planet’s resources and polluting its atmosphere while the Japanese took the bull by the horns and did something about it. Born in 1937 and more than conscious of the atrocities committed by that nation, still I admire their ingenuity and recognition of a problem to be solved, while we Americans seize on their creativity and stick it to our friends and neighbors with such gouging as this anti-creativity fee.

Of course owners of Priuses and (Thank Goodness!) Chevrolet Volts should pay the same use taxes as drivers of Cadillacs and Mercedes, but we do, every time we buy an auto necessity. We shouldn’t be penalized by a punitive fee that singles us out arbitrarily.

Dan Stanley