To the editor:

American society has become impatient with the speed at which government policy, rules and laws can be properly implemented. So, we elected the most progressive conservative this country has ever known. Donald Trump makes things happen. And they happen to us at speeds that complement lifestyle in this century. Americans became starved for reform. Now, reform may change society beyond its ability to avoid critical mass. Many pundits think a second civil war is pending.

Progressive conservatism “under one nation” is a package of archaic philosophies developed a century and a half ago. It espouses the idea that workers must be separated in humane ways to facilitate monopolistic corporation goals of sustaining an oligarchy proletariat. Through economic inequality, would develop two classes: the rich class and the poor class. The recent tax enactments steers over 90 percent of the immediate $2 trillion dollars into the coffers of corporate enterprises, stock market-listed companies and the richest 5 percent of Americans. The tax plan over the next four years guarantees inflation and ultimately recession. There is no hourly wage earner that will pick up a significant increase in the paycheck to offset that inflation. Trickle down!

Progressive conservatism has extreme social construct implications that are being mirrored today in the far right political party. Indiana went so far as to be proclaimed in 1907 the first state in the union to practice eugenics for a large portion of its population. We have witnessed the systematic elimination of minorities in our country by policies Donald Trump is advocating. If your services are not needed in Donald Trump’s oligarchy dictatorship, you will be chastised. This conservative reform was prevalent enough in our United States democracy that it elected to power several ideologies, which are now becoming Congress.

Recent studies show that oligarchy dictators and conservative/progressive parliamentary governance is preferred in many countries that formally were very democratic. Democracy is, or has become, abhorrently inefficient for this age. Democracy must change or be exterminated by the Donald Trump conservative edicts.

Or, is it already too late?

Marcus Gray