To the Editor: 

My discovery of the death of Mayor Damon Welch is perhaps providential. I was requested, by a man who does not own a computer (probably the happiest man in Indiana) to search The Madison Courier website for some information he needed. It was on your front page where I learned of the unexpected passing of Mayor Welch. Some searching confirmed it was the Damon Welch who was in my American Defense Policy class in the AFROTC program at UK.

Here are some wonderful memories of Damon: 

1.  He was soft-spoken, yet firm in his belief in Jesus. Once, he invited me to attend his church in the Lexington area. It was at that church where an event happened that has forever validated God’s calling upon my life.  Later, in another church, I surrendered to the Gospel Ministry.  Since 1981, I have been privileged to pastor four churches ­— two in Ohio and two here in Oklahoma.  

2. As a student, Damon was always prepared for each class and would often seek to continue the discussion with me after the bell. We had plenty to talk about — the War in Vietnam, the literal explosion of conflicts that was then called Urban Warfare, and an in-depth analysis of the Cuban Missile Crisis. His grade scores always reflected a serious desire to better prepare him for commissioning in the USAF. 

3. Damon had a personality that was genuine and comfortable. His smile and laughter were something no one could teach. When time permitted, we would discuss things of mutual interest in Southern Indiana. I had graduated from Paris Crossing High School in Jennings County.  

To his wife Ginny, his family and to the many, many bereaved citizens of Madison, I extend my sympathies. I also salute his military service to our great nation. May the Grace of Jesus help all to trace the rainbow of His Love through your tears. 

Glenn C. Peck (Lt. Col USAF, ret) 

Shawnee, Oklahoma