To the Editor:

Earlier this week my family had the difficult job of laying our father, brother and uncle, Don Vaughn, to rest. It was hard to say good bye but we took great comfort in the actions of the City of Madison, the Fairplay Fire Company and Morgan & Nay Funeral Centre to honor him, and I write this letter to thank everyone involved.

We received word that moments of silence in Dad’s honor were observed at the Madison City Council meeting, Madison – Southwestern basketball game on Thanksgiving eve, and at the lighting of the city’s Christmas tree. My father was one of Madison’s biggest cheerleaders, so these gestures really mean a lot to us.

On the drive to church for Dad’s service we were met on Main Street by fire trucks and police personnel to guide our way. It was so comforting to feel the city and fire company embrace us as we took this short but very emotional trip. To recognize his longtime membership, Fairplay Fire Company displayed a fallen firefighter memorial. Dad spent so much time at the Fire Company, beginning when he was a very young man, so that was very special to us.

And as we left Prince of Peace Church to go to the cemetery, we made a short detour for a quick drive down Vaughn Drive, which long ago was named to honor Dad’s father, former Madison Mayor Charles H. Vaughn. Given our family’s history with the river and the Madison Regatta, it was a most appropriate route to take.

I have long been proud to be a Madison native. The events over the past week remind me why I love my hometown so much. Thank you.

Julia Vaughn