To the Editor:

As Christmas approaches, the staff at Madison State Hospital want to thank this wonderful community for the generosity shown to our patients in previous years. We ask again that you remember the patients at Madison State Hospital in your holiday plans. While preparing for joyous holiday celebrations with your family and friends, please be mindful that not everyone is so fortunate.

Madison State Hospital provides a number of greatly needed services to adults struggling with the most severe of mental health challenges in our community and across Indiana. Our work has a powerful impact not only on the people that we work with directly, but also on the larger community as a whole.

That is why we ask you to remember Madison State Hospital this Christmas season. If you would like to make a donation, please write your check or money order to:

MSH Patient Christmas Fund

711 Green Road

Madison, IN 47250

Your gift will be placed in the Patient Christmas Recreation Fund and will benefit every patient here at Christmas. Any amount you can share will be greatly appreciated and put to good use here in your community. Thank you for celebrating Christmas by sharing what you have with those who are in need of assistance to meet basic needs. Every gift matters. Best Wishes and Merry Christmas!


Theresa Robinson, M.A.

Staff Development Director

Director of Marketing