To the editor:

Our "leaders" have been fulsome in their denunciation of the American police forces lately, in connection with the Ferguson and Staten Island killings of black men during confrontations. Now, those words about police being "racist" and practicing "racial profiling" and "excessive force" appear to have produced the murder of two New York City officers by a street thug who sneaked up on them and shot both in the head.

Of course, when President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and New York mayor Bill De Blasio talked in general about "police," they actually mean "WHITE police." Presumably every policeman in America is a red-necked, black-hating racist who lives to make life miserable for those law-abiding murderers, drug sellers, etc., of the inner cities.

But - surprise, surprise! - the two officers killed by the sneaky gunman in Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood Saturday, didn't quite fit the stereotype. One was Hispanic; the other, Chinese.

De Blasio expounded at some length a week or two ago about he and his (black) wife have to warn their biracial teenaged son to be careful when out walking the streets if he encounters any (white) police. Apparently they'd just as soon shoot him as not. Sure, they would!

But - surprise, surprise! - no harm has come to young De Blasio, from the police or anyone else. However, out in Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel's son was the victim of an armed robbery this weekend, right in front of the family home.

Every time one thinks that things couldn't get any stranger, or more appalling, in this country - they do.

Wayne Engle