October 15, 2021

Alan Dean Bivens, 39, for Criminal Confinement, a Level 4 felony; and Battery-Domestic and Interference in the Reporting of a Crime, both Class A misdemeanors. No bond.

Barbara M. Greene, 34, to serve three days on weekends, No bond.

Jermia Littrell, 40, on a Jefferson County bond revocation warrant. No bond.

October 16, 2021

Dana William Bennett, 47, on Jefferson County bench warrants. Bond a combined $13,000 cash.

October 17, 2021

Jon Brian Buchanan, 62, for Battery-Domestic, a Level 5 felony; and Interference in the Reporting of a Crime, a Class A misdemeanor. No bond.

Benjamin Carpenter LaPointe, 26, for Disarming a Law Enforcement Officer, a Level 5 felony; Escape, a Level 6 felony; Battery-Bodily Injury and Resisting Law Enforcement, both Class A misdemeanors; and Public Intoxication-Alcohol/Drugs and Disorderly Conduct, both Class B misdemeanors. No bond.

October 18, 2021

Alex Troy Wayne Simpson, 26, for Residential Entry and Possession of Methamphetamine, both Level 6 felonies. Bond $1,000 cash.

Sara Marie Vogel, 43, on a bench warrant for Boone County Indiana. No bond.

Lucy Jo Turner, 32, on a bench warrant for Jefferson County Indiana, Bond $20,000 cash.

Timothy Everett Hancock, 38, for Possession of Methamphetamine a Level 5 felony; Possession of Paraphernalia, a misdemeanor; and on a 15-day hold. No bond.

October 19, 2021

James F. Lucas, on a Jefferson County warrant for Failure to Appear. Released on own recognizance.

October 20, 2021

Amy Jo Logsdon, 41, on multiple Jefferson County felony and misdemeanor warrants for Failure to Appear. Bond $5,000 cash.



John Robert Hamilton, for Operating a Vehicle as a Habitual Traffic Violator, a Level 5 felony, and Intimidation. Sentenced to 360 days at Indiana Department of Correction for Count 1 consecutive to 180 days on Count 2, fully executed, with credit for 95 days served and 10 days remaining to serve. Balance suspended for probation with community corrections.

Jodi Le Annah Thompson, for Resisting Law Enforcement, a Level 6 felony. Sentenced to 150 days jail with credit for 75 days served. Released for time served without conditions.

David Russal Cox, for Knowingly Driving While Suspended-Prior Conviction Within 10 years. Sentenced to 34 days jail with credit for 17 days served. Released for time served without conditions.


Jason B Wells to Scott and Christy Coleman, 4550 East Wolf Run Road, Madison.

Jason L. and Katrina D. Raber to Joseph A. and Rhoda Marie Beachy, 459 South Thompson Road, Lexington.

Larry G. Goins to Saidel Garcia Mejia, 1114 Pinehurst Avenue, Madison.

Diane S. Wolfschlag to Jennifer M. Glerum, 3737 North Jefferson Lake Road, Madison.

David and Kelly Hargett to Mary Bartlett, 15465 West 175 North, Deputy.

Kyle E. and Amanda J. Goley to Bradley and Sara Grigsby, 9382 North Copeland Ridge Road, Madison.

Tyler J. Roush to Abigail Turner Coplen and Jessica Coplen, 1864 North 600 West, Madison.

James A. and Mary Jean Monroe to Kyle E. Goley and Amanda J. Goley, 3681 West Deputy Pike Road, Madison.

Todd J. Bruther and Todd J. Bruther Revocable Trust to Maria Paz Towell, 2370 North Borcherding Road, Madison.

Darren Duane Anderson to Rachel E. Anderson, 4867 North Olive Branch Road, Madison.

Pearl V. Buchanan (deceased), Harold S. Buchanan (deceased), Elizabeth N. Buchanan (deceased), Mary E. Voyles and Mary E. Ping (formerly known) to Mary E. Voyles, 4764 East 900 North, Madison.

Harold S. Buchanan (deceased), Elizabeth Nell Buchanan (deceased), Earl Voyles (deceased), Earl L. Voyles (also known as) and Mary E. Voyles to Mary E. Voyles, 4764+ East 900 North, Madison.

Earl Voyles (deceased), Earl L. Voyles (also known as), Mary E. Voyles (wife) to Mary E. Voyles, 4764 East 900 North, Madison.

Orena B. Burkhardt to MCG LLC and Marcus Chad Gray, 412 Each Vaughn Drive, Madison.

Harry Dobbins Properties LLC to Scott and Ashley Field, 2303 Flint Street, Madison.

Gary McGinnis to Daniel Luke McCollum and Jeremiah Samuel McCollum, 9909 West State Road 56, Lexington.

Nicolas and Molly Bruce to Zachary and Sara Lee, 139 Hillcrest Drive, Madison.

Timothy R. and Diana Morrison to Jonas N. and Irene Schlabach, 2928 South 950 West, Lexington.

Dorothy L. Giesler to Cooper Ty McCoy, 2 Cobblestone Way, Madison.

Damon J. and Karen R. McMahan to Evelyn M. Wright, 4101 West 400 North, Madison.

Richard A. and Viki A. Kent, Richard A. Kent Life Estate, Viki A. Kent Life Estate to Richard A. Kent Trust, Richard A. Kent Trustee, Robert Kuhr, 2379 College Hills Drive, Hanover.

Paul Joseph and Stephanie Sciutto to Amy E. Brinson, 2516 Oak Ridge Lane, Madison.

Markt Trevor Lytle to Gregory G. Rutherford, Kathryn L. Rutherford and Tania R. Rutherford, 423 West Main Street, Madison.

James E. Harris to Jordan Lee Bell and Jacob Shaffer, 1110 West Main Street, Madison.

C A T Property Management LLC and CAT Property Management LLC to Chris Lanthier, 123 Mill Street, Madison.

Chris Lanthier to TT and C Property Management LLC, 123 Mill Street, Madison.

CAT Property Management LLC and C A T Property Management LLC to Chris Lantheir, 701 West First Street, Madison.

Chris Lantheir to TT and C Property Management LLC, 701 West First Street, Madison.