Editor’s Note: Due to a software issue at the Jefferson County Central Dispatch, activity logs for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, Madison Police Department and Hanover Police Department are currently not available.



November 5, 2020

James Edwin Leatherbury, 30, on a bench warrant for Jefferson County. No bond.

Ricky Joe Forwalt Jr., 28, for intimidating communication, a Level 5 felony. No bond.

Joanna Marie Blevins, 37, on a bench warrant for Jefferson County. Bond $500 cash.

Earl E. Bennett, 65, for operating a vehicle while intoxicated and battery with bodily injury, both misdemeanors. No bond.

James Robert Baird, 62, for possession of methamphetamine, a Level 5 felony. No bond.

Food Inspections

Jefferson County

The Jefferson County Health Department conducts quarterly inspections of all food establishments or locations that handle food in the county. Health inspections become a public record 10 days after the inspection takes place.

The documents highlight critical, noncritical and repeat violations during each inspection or follow-up. Critical violations are listed. All records are supplied by the Jefferson County Health Department, which can be reached at 812-273-1942.

(September 28- October 3, 2020)

Arby’s. COMPLAINT. Customer complaint received stating an employee was not wearing masks in drive-through. All employees are required to have a mask on while working. It is a violation against the current executive order.

Bad Apple Macs. One non-critical.

Chillbilly Treats. One non-critical.

Dollar General, 408 Jefferson Street, Madison. COMPLAINT. Customer complaint received stating that employees were not wearing masks. During the complaint inspection the employee running the cash register had a mask on. No objectionable conditions noted at time of complaint inspection.

Gallery 115. No violations.

Indiana Spike and Rail Company. No violations noted at time of temporary inspection setup at New Madison Brewing Company.

MCHS. No violations.

MJHS. No violations.

Mike’s Grill. COMPLAINT. Customer complaint stated that employees were not wearing their masks and gloves properly. Also paper menus were being reused without a way to sanitize them. During inspection all employees were observed with masks. In regard to the menus, the owners can laminate menus or continue to use paper ones but they will need to be thrown out after each use.

Powerhouse Kitchen IKE. Two non-critical.

Wendy’s. COMPLAINT. Customer complaint stated that employees were making salads without gloves on. During the inspection no bare handed contact was observed.

(October 5-10, 2020)

City Meat Market. COMPLAINT. Customer complaint stated that an employee had their mask around their neck. The customer made remark to the employee but the employee did not pull up their mask. During the complaint inspection both employees were observed with their masks on.

Domino’s Pizza. One critical. Hand wash sinks need to be maintained clean at all times and should not be used for anything other than washing hands. Food debris was observed layering the bottom of both sinks.

Dutch Discount Market. No violations.

Fast Lane, 468 Lagrange Road, Hanover. One critical. Milk and Naked Brand juice was found past date in the walk-in cooler. These containers need to be pulled so customers do not have access to them. Four non-critical.

Junkyard BBQ LLC, Seymour. No violations at time of pre-operational inspection.

Kent Mercantile. Five critical. Employees must wear mask at all times. Upon entry of the establishment the employee running the register was not wearing mask which is a violation of the current executive order. Employees handling ready to eat food did not wash their hands before starting to prepare food. Hands should be washed before placing gloves on. Dates must be placed onto open deli meats after opening the product. The 7 day rule applies to these products so by dating the packages all employees are aware when the products must be thrown away. The label on the spray bottle at the pizza station has rubbed off and is no longer visible. Five non-critical.

Lupitas Grocery Store. Three critical. The following foods were discovered stacked improperly: beef meat was sitting on a box full of lettuce. Pork chorizo stacked over tortillas in the cooler next to the cash register. Past date milk was found in the stand up cooler next to the register. The milk needs to be thrown away. A spray bottle was found near the drink fountain without a label. Five non-critical.

Mi Viejo. No violations during pre-operational inspection.

Moyashi Company. No violations.

Papa John’s Pizza. No violations.

Rivercrest Lighthouse LLC. No violations.

Shooters Bar & Grill. One critical. A few homemade dips were found in the walk-in cooler past their 7 day mark. They will need to be thrown away and new product needs to be made. Four non-critical.

Spiced Up. No violations during pre-operational inspection.

The Downtowner. COMPLAINT. Complaint was received stating that an employee was not wearing their mask while working. During the complaint inspection I spoke with the manager about current guidelines. No objectionable conditions noted at the time of inspection.